If you’ve ever been even slightly involved with the planning of a wedding, you know how stressful it can be. When making preparations for the biggest and most special day of your life, there is so much to think about you have little room in your head for anything else! In recent years, venues have begun providing all sorts of useful services that you can include in your booking to make the whole process a little easier for you. Although many couples still opt to source suppliers themselves, if you can trust your venue to lighten your load then why not go for it?

One service commonly offered by venues is the use of their in-house DJ. Although people often approach these DJ’s with caution or would prefer to bring in their own for fear of a stereo-typical ‘cheesy wedding DJ’, you can guarantee that these DJs will create an excellent atmosphere. A good wedding DJ will be happy to talk to you about what you want from your wedding playlist – the songs you want as well as those that you definitely don’t! These DJ’s are affiliated with venues because they have a great deal of experience and create an excellent party atmosphere. More often than not, venues will work with DJ to offer reduced rates – so if your venue has one, take advantage of it!

Chair covers are definitely something to consider if you don’t have room in the budget to hire in furniture, as more often than not the chairs that venues have in stock are a little worn and not overly attractive. Venues have begun investing in their own set of covers that are made to fit their chairs, so if you want covers at your wedding and your venue offers them – go for it. It may cost you a little bit more per chair than hiring them from somewhere you found on google, but you can be sure that the venue will have invested in high quality covers and they will do all the hard work for you. The last thing you (or your bridal party) want to be doing the day before your wedding is ironing chair covers and then putting them on the chairs and tying the sashes on the day itself! If you can get someone else to do this for you, it’s worth the extra few pennies per chair to take the stress away and ensure they look perfect.

Other services venues are now offering include setting up and running your sweetcarts or chocolate fountains, personalised post box hire so that you can keep all your cards safe and in one place, and in-house table decorations such as candelabras for the tables – saving you money on floristry. You can rest assured that if your venue is offering a service they will be working with their favourite suppliers to get the best rates and maintaining the excellent level of service that persuaded you to book with them. Although it does provide a small amount of extra income for the venue, they offer these services to make life easier for you so make the most it where you can.