We all want that perfect day to be…well, perfect, but perfection can come at a price! As with other important days in your life, your wedding will be spectacular, you’ll make sure it will be – but how do you achieve everything you want, without saddling yourself, or your parents, with years of debt?

Well, there are a few simple guidelines you should follow which will help keep the costs down and ensure you still deliver the day you always wanted.

1. What’s most important to you on your wedding day?

By this, I mean try and prioritise what will really make the wedding day special for you. So for some people, it maybe that the sit down meal is THE most important thing – if it is, allocate a bigger % of your budget to this area. For others, it could be the venue, or perhaps the entertainment – make a list from the most important to the least important and try and allocate a % of your overall budget to each priority. You’ll be amazed at how this perspective can keep you on the straight and narrow whilst still achieving what you want!

2. Don’t accept the 1st price!!!

It’s tough times out there economically – and because of this, don’t be willing to pay top price for everything. Learn to barter with everyone, from the florists to the caterers. The number of weddings taking place per annum is at an all time low, so they will all be hungry for your business. If you can shave just 10% off each bill you have to pay, you will end up saving a sizeable chunk of change by the end of the process.

3. Flex your contacts!

Remember that friend on Facebook from school who recently got in touch? And remember her husband runs a limousine firm? Hit her up and see if you can get a special rate!! Seriously, think of your vast number of friends and contacts, and if any are in an industry you need for your big day, talk to them and see what they can do for you.

As long as they still make money from it, they’ll probably be happy to help out – there maybe even something you can do for them to return the favour, like a testimonial for their website?

4. In the Internet we trust!

High street usually means High Price in our experience! The internet is the most amazing invention in our modern time, so make the most of it and get some price comparisons going on!

Not only will you find better deals, but you’ll also be able to read advice and reviews of services and products before you buy.

Also, it’s far less stressful sitting with a glass of wine on your sofa doing all this, rather than braving the cold, hustle and bustle of the High Street! Shop smarter, not harder!

5. Credit Card Management!

We all know the temptation of the Credit Card!! It’s easy to throw it all on there – but the stress of knowing post wedding financial trauma beckons can put a dampener on the day.

To make this go away, try as much as possible to clear the balance along the way – don’t let it build up to unmanageable amounts, and don’t give in to temptation just because you “can” on the credit card.

6. Manage Your Extravagance!!

Ok so you want the day to be brilliant, and if you’re honest, you want it to be impressive – but do you need the fireworks at the end of the ceremony to be on a par with the New Years eve show on the River Thames?

All I’m saying here is in the excitement of the planning, it’s easy to get caught up with wanting the best, biggest and inevitably, most expensive of everything. Maybe just try and keep some perspective when booking the extravagances!


Yes I did mean to write that in capitals! I should have put this point first, but I didn’t want to put you off the rest of the post.

At the start, set, agree and plan to a budget you can afford and which will not put you in financial dire straits.

Work to that budget – and if you need to go over it, make sure the extra expenditure will be worth it!

When the dust has settled and your amazing day has finished, you want to enjoy married life, not take on an extra evening job for the next 2 years to pay for it!!!