After it rained on the day of Janke and Vimal’s civil ceremony, they were both praying for good weather for their Hindu wedding ceremony at Parklands Quendon Hall in Essex.

And thank heavens, the weather did not let them down on the day. In fact, we had gorgeous blue skies with white fluffy clouds. The lovely sunlight was pouring into the marquee and made all their decorations look very angelic and pure with whites and hints of gold.

While Janke was getting ready in a well secluded bridal room, she could not help but feel excited from looking out of the window to see her guests having a great time on the grounds.

Their wedding ceremony was nothing short of gorgeous. The blends of colours from the indian outfits looked impeccable against the white marquee.

As soon as their ceremony was over, the couple were swiftly taken away by Jay and Naz from J.Hoque Photography to capture some private moments. They took amazing pictures of Janke and Vimal by making use of all the character the interior design had to offer.

Once Janke and Vimal were satisfied with making use of the venue for their couple shots, they joined their guests for a lovely meal together. After the delicious food, there was still one small part of the ceremony left, this was the final round of games between Janke and Vimal of which thankfully was a tie, or at least we think so… From the look of the pictures, it seems Janke won that game though!

It was a very eventful day, and now it was time for Janke’s family to say farewell and send her off to live a blessed life with Vimal. Beginning with the honeymoon of course.

Photography by: Jay and Naz from J.Hoque Photography