Elizabeth and David enjoyed a wonderful summers day for their wedding, which created a lovely jubilant atmosphere amongst all their guest.

Once everyone was ready, and the last minute finishing touches had been put in place it was time to make their way downstairs and onto the patio area, just in front of them on the lawn were all the waiting guests seated in front of the gazebo. Elizabeth and her bridal party made their way up the steps and on to the lawn, you could hear the whispers from everyone as they could now see how stunning Elizabeth looked in her bridal gown. As David looked down the aisle you see the smile on his face grow as Elizabeth drew ever closer, until they were standing face to face. Once the ceremony was underway they could start to relax and the nervous smiles soon turned to joyous grins. Soon the ceremony was coming to an end and they were able to enjoy their first kiss as husband and wife to the rapturous applause of all their family and friends.

Drinks were served on the front lawn, which were very welcome as everyone was a little hot, so jackets were removed, and ties loosened. Elizabeth and David were now able to enjoy having some intimate photos taken by Simply Photographic who captured some wonderful shots of them in and around the grounds of Parklands. They then invited their family and friends to join them for the group shots, afterwards they were able to relax and spend some time with their guests, before the wedding breakfast was served.

Photography by: Simply Photographic a Parklands recommended photographer.