Nicola and Philip were married on a warm June day. Nicola decided that she would like to have her ceremony in our banqueting hall, which looked stunning with her choice of chair covers and dusky pink sashes, that tied in with her colour theme for the day. Everyone commented on how beautiful Nicola looked in her lace bridal gown as she walked down the aisle to meet a slightly nervous Philip, whose nerves had clearly dissipated by first kiss, it was a very touching moment, that was accompanied by the rapturous applause of their family and friends.

The joyous atmosphere of the day continued until late into the evening with lots of laughter and the odd glass of bubbly.

Our Story:

Where did you get engaged and how long had you been together before hand?

“I always wanted it to be romantic and have always imagined how he would propose and what my response would be, as it was we got engaged on our 2nd anniversary, he went down on bended knee in the kitchen and asked the big question, my response was to burst in to tears with happiness and just hug and say yes, on the unromantic side, our dog Holly decided that was the time she felt like slurping her water (that was beside us) which did ruin the moment slightly.”

How many venues did you visit before you chose Parklands as your wedding venue?

“Parklands was the second place we visited, our view was the more venues visited the more confusing it would become, so do your research and only go to the places that feel right”

How did you feel when you first visited Parklands, did you know straight away that you wanted to get married here?

“Driving through the villages and then going up that drive to the house was enough for me to know that was the place for us and, when we entered the house, that sealed the deal. Luckily for us, Parklands was what we both had always envisaged as the venue of our dreams.”

What was your first step of wedding planning? Venue search, dress shopping, choosing a date etc?

“We both wanted a summer wedding and didn’t want a long engagement so that really was a done deal first off, so really venue Search was first on our list that needed agreeing on.”

How many months/years in advance did you book your wedding?

“I believe we booked our wedding at the beginning of February and had our wedding on the 21st June, so roughly 6 months.”

What was the hardest thing about planning your wedding day?

“Well having Parklands (Ann Hendry) helping us, we really didn’t need to worry about the majority of it. I think it was trying to get all the guests to respond on time so I could keep on top of everything and tick things off my list.”

What were the highlights of your day?

“The whole day was a highlight, our photographer tried to get us to pose with thoughtful faces but gave up, we were like grinning hyenas throughout, the venue beautiful, the weather was perfect, the deer came out to play at just the right time, the food amazing, all the staff were fabulous, it was totally perfect in every way, so many of the guests have said it was the best wedding they had been to and we have to agree, there was NO downsides. Parklands is perfect in our view.”

Do you have any advice for Bride and Grooms that are just starting their wedding plans?

“My advice is, yes it can get stressful, but just keep reminding yourself that the day is all about you and your partner declaring your love for each other and everything else is just decoration. Saying that the only decoration you should not do without is Parklands!”

“I hope that helps, if you would like photos or anything just let me know.”

“Once again thank you, already nagging him to renew our vows so we can come back to Parklands and do it all again!”

Photography by: Indigo Images