Christmas is almost upon us again. The time for celebration, family and indulgence, just like a wedding! If you’re planning a winter or Christmas wedding, it’s an opportunity to combine the best of two great occasions into one fantastic day.

We can appreciate it’s probably a little late to integrate these ideas into a Christmas wedding this year, but feel free to make this page a favourite and use it for inspiration for whenever you’re planning your big day.

So without further ado, here is our compelling collection of Christmas wedding ideas!

Merry Berry

One of the best things about the Christmas season are the rich colour options on offer. The mixtures of berry colours, plum, orange, rich red, aubergine and green all work exceptionally well on their own or combined with each other.

Integrate these seasonal colours into your dresses, bouquets, table settings, room theme, buttonholes and more. Add low lighting to the mix and the atmosphere created by these colours is exceptionally powerful. More so than any other combination we can think of.

Warm Clothing

Depending on the kind of wedding you’re planning, you could factor in some warm clothing to fit into the season and add practical warmth to the day. There will be a lot of standing around, so keeping warm is an issue you will have to contend with at your Christmas wedding.

Start with footwear. Why not try some shearling wedges or Ugg-type boots instead of high heels? They could be integrated into an overall theme, or used as a humorous touch to the day. They could also be hidden under flowing dresses if you want to be practical but not spoil a look.

Dresses could either have sleeves and a lining or include a pashmina, gloves, stole or wrap. They can be put to one side during the wedding ceremony and used at other times. If they are designed alongside the dresses they will not only look the part but offer a seamless transition between winter warmth and wedding chic.

Hot Chocolate

If it’s really cold, wet or snowing on your wedding day, being greeted by a tray full of steaming cups of hot chocolate is sure to make your guests feel warm. Having hot drink options available throughout the day is sure to keep your guests toasty and happy when things are chilly!

Lovely Lighting

A Christmas wedding gives you the opportunity to take the best of the holiday and use it for your own benefit. That can include fairy or Christmas lights in your venue. They can be strung up around the room, around where the ceremony takes place (depending on permission) and feature on the approach to the venue.

Done right, Christmas lights can add that magical touch to any wedding day.

Playing with Fire

Nothing says Christmas like a roaring log fire. If your venue has them, ensure they are lit and kept fuelled for the day. Depending on your wedding arrangements, you could even have your ceremony in front of one. It would make a lovely backdrop for any photographs.

Having them roaring at the reception can also create an exceptional atmosphere along with hot chocolate, Christmas lights and those berry colours.

Christmas Tree

If you don’t fancy a log fire, or can’t have one, what about featuring a lovely Christmas tree into proceedings? A beautifully decorated Christmas tree in your wedding theme colours adds more than a little Christmas magic to your wedding. It also makes an amazing backdrop for your wedding photographs.

One For the Kids

As your wedding day is a magical day, why not bring a little more magic to it? If your guest list features enough children, why not invite Father Christmas to entertain them? Not only does it provide something for them to do, it keeps them occupied for a while and gives parents a rest, even for five minutes.

Christmas Devices

Christmas is full of seasonal devices that you can use throughout your wedding day to add a little seasonal magic to your day. You can incorporate berries, mistletoe, holly, snowflakes, pine cones, tinsel and more.

Any of these can be integrated into your wedding theme, added to designs for invites, place settings or whatever you like.

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Year

While Christmas weddings can be magical and include all the best bits of the season, they don’t have to. They can also be a winter wedding or simply a time of year for a wedding day.

You certainly don’t have to use anything of the season to still have a fantastic wedding day. One of the beauties of this time of year is that you can if you want to, or you can keep the two special days separate and celebrate both individually if you choose!