Bridal shows are a staple for all brides to be. Whether they are local shows or national ones, if you’re getting married you should go. A wedding can be a huge, complex beast with thousands of choices to be made. The more information you have to make those choices, the better your wedding will be. That’s where bridal shows come in.

There are several major benefits to attending a bridal show if you’re planning a wedding. Here are just a few.


Your average bridal shop may have a wide variety of dresses to choose from, but they aren’t likely to have as many as a decent bridal show. Wedding shops from around the region will all be represented with their best dresses on show. If you’re yet to make your mind up this is the place to be.

There will also be plenty else to see apart from dresses. If the show is big enough, just about every aspect of a wedding will be on display. It’s a great time to browse, collect ideas and build your wedding theme.

Fashion Shows

Depending on the show you’re attending, there may be a bridal fashion show to watch. Looking at dresses on their hangers is all very well, but there’s nothing like seeing them worn to show you how good they can really look. While trying on dresses can be fun it’s also time consuming and tiring.

Watching a fashion show where someone else does it all for you is the next best thing. You may see a dress you have had your eye on and love it when it’s worn. Or you might hate it. You may also see styles and dresses you hadn’t considered while sitting on the hanger.

If your local bridal show does a catwalk, watch it. It could change your dress choice completely!


One of the highlights of any conference or event is the freebies. At bridal shows freebies can vary from cake samples, wedding favours, free services, huge discounts and more. Much depends on the type of bridal show, who is there and how much they want your business.

One-stop Shop

There are few places where you can shop for a wedding dress, florist, cake maker, DJ and wedding transport all in the same room. Most, if not all the professionals in your area will attend a bridal show. It’s too good an opportunity to miss!

If you’re prepared enough and you already know what you’re looking for and what you expect of wedding professionals, a bridal show could be the perfect time to bring all that together and secure the services of everyone you need for your wedding day.

Money Saving

In an undertaking as expensive as a wedding, saving money is vitally important. Every penny you can save could combine to allow for a couple more guests, a bigger cake, better dress or more money for the honeymoon. It all mounts up.

Those displaying at a bridal show will be there to do business. If you show them you’re serious, they are much more likely to offer discounts or package prices. Many will create show packages for just that reason.

A bridal show is also a great way of comparing prices of all the wedding shops in your area without having to visit all of them!

Meeting Vendors

The internet is great and everything, but nothing beats meeting a provider and getting a feel for them. It’s the most basic interaction but it’s also the most effective. Even if you don’t feel it consciously, you will form an opinion of that person, get an impression and maybe an intuition about whether they can deliver on their promises or not.

When you’re planning something as important as your wedding, that’s vital. Your time and money are precious, so you only want to expend them on those who will help you in your quest for the ultimate wedding day!

Meet Other Brides

It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, the more brides you meet the better your wedding planning experience will be. You can swap notes, ideas, phone numbers or whatever. You can warn people off unreliable suppliers, suggest themes, colours and all the things you’re having to consider.

You can also share war stories and compare plans. Talking to other brides in the same situation as you can also lower stress. Knowing you’re not the only one waiting for a call back from a provider or who is stressing out about dress choice does help even if it doesn’t sound like it.

Bridal shows are an excellent way to spend a day. Depending on the size and scope of ones near you, it is possible to arrange your entire wedding day in one go. At the very least, you get to see new dresses, bouquets, try some cake and talk to providers and get an idea of what things cost.

All things that will help you make those all important decisions about your wedding day!