Asha arrived early on an atmospheric autumnal day at Parklands with her mini entourage of family, friends and helpers. They excitedly made their way up to the bridal changing room which was soon filled with bags, clothes and the wonderful sound of laughter and chatter as everyone got ready for Asha’s wedding day. The morning soon flew by, and it was time to make the last minute finishing touches before making their way downstairs and into out pavilion.

Nimesh was welcomed to Parklands with the joyous sound of Dholl drummer that lead him up the drive to the house.

Once Nimesh was ready he waited along with all their friends and family in the pavilion for Asha. As she entered along with her bridal procession, everyone looked around to try and get their first glimpses of Asha, she looked stunning. Nimesh’s face lit up when he saw his bride for the first time that day.

After the beautiful traditional ceremony, it was time for Kii Photography to capture some magical photos of Asha and Nimesh as husband and wife in and around the grounds at Parklands.

The vidai ceremony was very emotional as Asha’s family bid her farewell, and wished her well in her new life with Nimesh.

The afternoon had now given way to evening, and it was time for Asha and Nimesh to return as husband and wife. As they entered the pavilion, it was an amazing scene the pavilion was now full of tables and chairs along with all their family and friends who were excited to greet the newlyweds. Once the meal had been finished the DJ started to play some floor filling tunes, the party could now really get under way.

Photography by: Kii Photography