With January almost over and winter in full swing, you can’t help but want to keep warm and snug. If you’re planning a winter wedding, how can you keep warm while still looking sensational? How can you integrate practicality with being fabulous? And how do you keep everyone else warm and dry without getting in the way of your celebrations?

For You

Your wedding day is going to be a long one, so you need to be warm and comfortable for its entirety. Here are some ideas for achieving that.


Choosing the underwear for your wedding day is a big decision. It has to be comfortable, fitted and fantastic. However, it could also add a layer of warmth too. It’s a delicate balancing act, mixing all day practicality with stunning looks and a decent thermal rating, but it can be done.

Items such as corsets, stockings or tights and maxi briefs instead of G-strings all add a layer of material that helps you create a shape while also keeping warm. You can always remove the tights once you’re at the reception and a little warmer. And what groom isn’t going to want to see a beautifully fitted corset on their wedding night?


Well-chosen accessories can not only add an element of warmth, they can also complement your dress and your wedding theme. You can coordinate accessories across your entire bridal party to add a touch of class while also keeping warm.

Items such as stoles, wellingtons, gloves, holdups, capes, jackets and warm boots all offer a lot of potential when used within a wedding theme and will help keep your wedding party warm at the same time.

For Your Guests

You also need to look after your guests during a winter wedding. Fortunately, they can dress themselves, but there are a few things you can do to make life easier on them.

Little Touches

If you’re having a church wedding, it might not be the warmest place to spend a couple of hours. You can alleviate that by providing some warm blankets or woollen shawls. Some tasteful wool blankets or shawls can be handed out to guests who can put them over their legs, sit on them or wrap them around themselves while outside.

Providing transport to and from the wedding and reception is another way to keep everyone warm and dry. A minibus, or taxi won’t cost all that much and will drastically improve guest morale when they find out they don’t have to walk or drive anywhere!

A Warm Welcome

Once at the reception venue, you could arrange for each guest to be met by a roaring fire and a steaming mug of hot chocolate, tea or coffee. It’s a small touch, but one that provides instant warmth and happiness. Both warm fire and hot drink are images that we conjure in our minds when we think of a perfect winters day so use it to your advantage!

If you want to go that extra mile, why not provide some roasted chestnuts or warm canapés to go with that drink? Think spicy fillings in the canapés or a mini roast chestnut stall and you’re on the right track.

The Outdoors In

Using a marquee during winter doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be cold. The venue will usually be able to provide lighting and heating and can make the outside space as warm and as inviting as the inside.

Include winter decorations as part of your room or table dressing to embrace the time of year. Consider offering flasks of warm mulled wine on tables instead of providing it by the glass.

Food For Thought

Offer warm seasonal dishes as part of your dinner. Warm soups for starters with steaming crusty bread, or a light pasta dish to warm everyone up. Served on warm plates, this is a great way to begin your dinner.

Follow with a seasonal meal with all the trimmings. Meal choice is easy around Christmas as a roast dinner makes the perfect wedding feast. Complete the meal with a warm pudding dessert, coffee, crackers and whatever else you feel like. By the time the meal is over, your guests should be feeling full, a little fat and very warm!

Complete your day with some warming winter cocktails and you’re not only embracing the time of year, you’re insulating everyone from it. Cocktails that are served slightly warm, or include dark rum, bitters, syrups or liqueurs all work well in a winter setting.

As you can see, having a winter wedding offers a lot of scope for a bit of fun and imagination. You can use some practical ideas to keep everyone happy while offering a range of features that are guaranteed to make everyone feel warm, welcome and in the mood for a wedding!