Anam and Khurram’s wedding Story:

Where did you get engaged and how long had you been together before hand?

“We got engaged August 2013 in RS lounge Leyton.”

How many venues did you visit before you chose Parklands as your wedding venue?

“One other venue, Fennes.”

How did you feel when you first visited Parklands, did you know straight away that you wanted to get married here?

“Absolutely loved it and booked the same day.”

What was your first step of wedding planning? Venue search, dress shopping, choosing a date etc?

“Picked a date and then book our venue.”

How many months/years in advance did you book your special day?

“One month.”

What was the hardest thing about planning your wedding day?


Did you have a colour scheme and theme?


What were the highlights of your day?

“Venue and decorations plus the wedding nights stay in room one.”

Now you have “been there done that” in hindsight is there any thing you would have done differently?

“No everything was perfect.”

Do you have any advice for Bride and Grooms that are just starting their wedding plans?

“Definitely go with it no complaints and room one is stunning”

Photography by: Nayab A1 Photos