Given the weather we have had for the early part of 2014, we thought we would offer some good advice about handling a rainy wedding day.

The great British weather is a talking point, source of frustration, element of unpredictability and general pain. Even summer weddings aren’t immune to a shower or two and don’t get us started on this winter so far!

So how do you handle a wet wedding? How can you plan a wedding to take advantage of the sunshine while also planning for rain?

Invisible Preparations

In this context, invisible preparations are things you’re doing anyway that can either cope with rain or be quickly adapted to cope with it. That means you can secretly plan for rain without having to compromise your theme or design.


As any girl knows, waterproof makeup is worth its weight in gold. Whether it’s coping with tears, spilled drinks, kisses or the rain, waterproof makeup is ideal for dealing with most things.

Choosing a quality makeup for your wedding day can make all the difference. There are a range of good waterproof products on the market, so ensure you, or your makeup artist uses them for the bride and bridesmaids.


Unless you absolutely must have an open horse drawn cart, ensure that whatever transport you’re using has a roof. Most convertible cars will have a foldable roof and so will most carriages. Choose one of these to arrive at the venue on time and in style, without getting wet.

Also consider laying on transport for guests too if you can. Not only does it help everyone get where they need to go, it can also help if the heavens open when everyone is trying to get to the ceremony or reception.

Adaptable Venue

Choosing a venue for your reception is difficult enough. You have to select on quality, location, availability, rooms available, service, feeling, emotion, views, amenities and price. Adding another element to that just adds to the confusion.

You might be happy that you do though. Selecting a wedding venue that has the ability to cope with the weather could save your day. Having staff who can move fast, a marquee to protect you during an outside reception and somewhere clean and dry to store coats will really help.

If you’re having your reception indoors then it isn’t so important but then the opposite is true. A venue that has outdoor space you can enjoy while it’s sunny will strike that ideal balance between the two.

Planning For Rain

All wedding plans need to include adverse weather in them. Unless you’re getting married in the Caribbean or somewhere else with a predictable climate, an element of weather proofing is necessary to ensure your wedding day goes with only one hitch, yours!


While your wedding budget has already had a lot to cope with, you really need to plan for wet weather. Fortunately, wellingtons are still right on trend. You can furnish your wedding party with some themed wellingtons and keep your shoes looking great for the inside.

A matching set of white wellies, or winter boots can still look the part while protecting you from the worst of the weather. Add a waterproof cape or poncho to that and you can create a coherent look and stay dry at the same time.

Fortunately, being Britain, there is no shortage of rainwear manufacturers. There are also a wide range of types, colours, shapes and styles for you to choose from. There are even wedding specific rainwear options if you want them!

The final element of any rainproof wedding would be the trusty umbrella. Many wedding transport companies supply them for the bride and many wedding venues will have a store of them for guests, but it pays to check.

If they don’t, buying a dozen or so umbrellas is probably a good idea. You can always let the guests keep them afterwards or sell them afterwards.


If you’re planning outside lighting for your reception, ensure they are waterproof or at least strong enough to cope with rain. Candles won’t survive anything stronger than a light drizzle, so consider LED candles or garlands instead. Reed torches offer a lot of light and are strong enough to cope with rain too. They are another option.

Offering hand towels or a box of tissues to wet guests is also a neat idea that doesn’t cost much. Your venue may have a rain contingency that they can invoke if it gets wet. It’s worth checking what would be possible and more importantly, what would be included in the cost and what would be extra!

Electronics and water don’t mix, so if you were planning to put disposable cameras on each table at your wedding, make sure they are shower proof. There are a couple of manufacturers on the market who rate their disposables as such. If you think rain is possible on your wedding day, it might be worth checking those out too.

With proper planning and preparation, there is no reason for rain to spoil your wedding. If you plan for the eventuality, you can even embrace bad weather and make it a part of your day. As every Brit should know, we can’t fight the weather so we may as well work with it!