Wedding transport isn’t just about getting to the church on time. It can contribute to an overall wedding theme, make a statement and deliver practical assistance with moving people around. It can also provide a few last moments between a daddy’s little girl before she gets married.

Arranging wedding transport is one of many jobs you have to face when arranging your wedding, but is has a vital role to play. That’s why we have put together this overview of everything you need to know about wedding transport. We hope it helps!

How many vehicles will we need?

Much depends on the type of vehicles you’re hiring. Usually the bride and father of the bride, or whoever is giving the bride away, travel together in a separate vehicle to make the entrance. Other guests can travel together in whatever way is more convenient.

The groom and best man and any of his core wedding party will want to arrive early, so a vehicle will need to be there to transport them. That same vehicle can then be used to transport other guests depending on time and distance involved.

Providing transport for other guests is entirely optional, but can be useful if guests have had to travel and don’t know the area. It can also be beneficial in towns and cities where parking could be problematic. They could park at the reception venue and be shuttled to and from the ceremony if being held somewhere else to keep things simple.

When should we book the wedding transport?

As the booking depends on the wedding date, venues and guest list, you can’t book it until you know those details. In built-up areas, wedding hire companies plan at least a year in advance, so it pays to be quick.

If you want to arrive in something special, like a vintage Rolls Royce, an old fire engine or horse and carriage, you’re going to have to book those as early as possible.

How much should we budget for transport?

The cost depends entirely on how large your wedding party is and how many guests you’re planning to transport. It is also influenced by the type of vehicle the bride travels in, how far you have to go and how many runs the vehicles will need to make.

Typically, wedding transport will cost around two percent of your overall cost.

Will they wait during the ceremony?

This depends on the arrangements you make with the company. Some wedding transport companies will book multiple weddings in a day and will shuttle between them all. Others will give you exclusive use of their vehicles for the time you book.

It pays to have exclusive use of the main wedding vehicle as you lower the chances of any issues preventing it being there when the ceremony is over.

Vintage vehicles aren’t always reliable so what happens then?

Reputable companies who hire out vintage vehicles as wedding transport tend to keep all their vehicles in good mechanical order. They will also keep a standby vehicle around just in case.

Discuss this with your chosen wedding transport company when booking to ensure there is a standby of sufficient quality should the worst happen.

Will they decorate the car?

Surprisingly, not all wedding transport companies will decorate the car for you. It’s something you will have to discuss with your chosen supplier and work out if they don’t. It isn’t difficult, just buy some ribbon to match your theme, thread it through the front grille, down the bonnet to the door, through the door and secure on the sun visor.

Will my dress fit into the car?

If you receive engagement presents, don’t forget to send a thank you card. Keep a record of who attended and who didn’t so you can check it several months down the line when creating your wedding guest list. Also consider all the lessons learned about planning the event for your wedding too!

Finally, remember that a party is a time for having fun and enjoying yourself. Try not to get too tied up in the details or stressed out with the planning. It’s supposed to be a celebration!

What extra considerations do we need to give a horse and carriage?

If a horse and carriage fits your wedding theme, there are few entrances that can compete with them!

Even the fittest horse can only pull a carriage for a limited distance, so depending on how far away you are from the ceremony, you may have to meet the carriage near the venue.

The company should tell you about it when you talk to them. They may provide a vehicle to take you to the carriage or you might have to arrange that yourself. Make sure you know the details long in advance.

The other consideration is time. A carriage travels much slower than a car, so you will need to allow much longer to arrive at the ceremony on time!