Here at Parklands, we have seen a real rise in midweek weddings over the past couple of years. We have gone from one or two a year, to dozens and dozens and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

We can understand why though. Competition is hot to secure our venue for a Saturday wedding day. Essentially there are only 50 or so brides who can have weekend weddings here each year, leaving a lot of disappointment for the others. A midweek wedding solves all that while also offering more for less.

Benefits of a Weekday Wedding

Getting married in the middle of the week isn’t traditional, but it is a growing trend. More and more couples are waking up to the potential of a weekday wedding and with good reason.

There are several great incentives to considering a weekday wedding. Here are just a few.

Price. A midweek wedding is often cheaper than a weekend one. For example, Parklands offers wedding very competitive wedding packages during the week. Marry Monday to Thursday for as little as £3500 -This offer is until March 2015.

Availability. Even booking a year or so in advance, competition is still extremely hot for a Saturday here. By considering a weekday wedding, you’re opening the calendar right up. You could get the venue you want, the date you want at the time of year you want. All with much less competition than with a weekend.

Plus, if you’re getting married at short notice, you are unlikely to get the weekend you want. Certainly not at Parklands anyway as we get booked a year or so in advance! A midweek wedding is much easier to schedule.

Services. It isn’t just the wedding venue that is in demand on a weekend. You also have to consider the car, caterers, cakes, photographers, registrars, churches, entertainers and all the little things that need to come together to make your wedding day fantastic. All will have some kind of increased availability during the week. They may be cheaper too!

Beat the Crowd. If you’re planning a big wedding, midweek allows you to fly off to your honeymoon ahead of the weekend crowds. It also allows you to avoid tight scheduling with churches, wedding transport and suppliers who may be trying to service several weddings at once.

Get More For Less. We have already mentioned cost, but not necessarily the ramifications of it. If you save two or three thousand pounds on your wedding, you can either bank the money, put it towards a home together or get more of a wedding day than you originally bargained for. Whichever way you go, you’re onto a winner!

As you can see, midweek weddings have a lot to offer. When availability and cost are such an important factor in a wedding, anything you can do to improve the state of both has to be a good thing!