Get a good night’s sleep

Before you say anything, yes we know getting to sleep the night before your wedding is more wishful thinking than reality. However, the need for a good night’s sleep is far too important to ignore. You want to be on top form on your wedding day, so getting to bed nice and early is essential.

That means having your hen night well in advance, staying away from the booze, perhaps having a night away from the girls and your future husband. Tough, but necessary if you’re unlikely to sleep well with them round.

Some of you might find you sleep better with them there, so it’s up to you.

Try not to worry 

We hear you laughing at the back. However, it’s a solid piece of advice. The night before your wedding, everything should be in place, everything should be ready, everyone should know what to do, where to go and there should be no more decisions to make. So what’s to worry about?

Your role as wedding planner ended when the last piece of the jigsaw was organised. Now it’s time to sit down, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Stay fed and watered

On the morning of the wedding, it’s important to stay hydrated and fed throughout the day. Many brides find they have no appetite whatsoever, while others are ravenous. If you’re in the former camp, try having a bowl of something nice or a small buffet to graze on while getting ready.

Start your day with coffee or however you usually start it. Keep some bottles of water around and make sure you drink them as and when you can. Enlist a bridesmaid to help remind you to eat and drink if you think it will help.

Dehydration and hunger will both take your mind off enjoying the day. They can also cause headaches and stress, both of which are completely avoidable.

Take a moment with your bridesmaids

You’re naturally going to be nervous about what’s coming, but so might your bridesmaids. You’re leaving the gang, leaving single life and becoming a married woman. Some of your friends might be worried they won’t get to see you, or spend much time with you when you’re a wife.

Take a minute to reassure each other that not much will change. That you’ll still be friends, that you’ll still spend time together and that you will all be there for each other as always. Have a group hug, have a group cry, whatever you usually do in emotional moments. It will make everyone feel better.

Focus on what’s important

Weddings can be chaotic, they can be noisy, busy and frenetic and can get a little too much. If yours threatens to get the better of you, concentrate on your new spouse and think about the wonderful times you have had and have ahead of you.

Imagine the honeymoon, spending quality time together, the fire in his eyes when he sees your wedding lingerie, or the love in his eyes when he said, or says, his wedding vows. There are many things that are important on your big day, but none as important as those thoughts.

Once you focus on what’s really important, the chaos and stress of your wedding day begin to seem trivial and you should begin to relax and enjoy yourself once more.

Being realistic about what’s involved in a wedding is the first step in dealing with the pressures of the day. It is without doubt the most wonderful day of your life, but it isn’t without it’s challenges. By preparing yourself as best you can to handle those challenges, you stand a much better chance of loving every minute!