To help you make the most of this loveliest of seasons, we have put together this quick summer wedding survival guide. It’s intention is to prepare you for the warmth, heat and the atmosphere of a summer wedding.

Whether it’s this summer or next you’re planning to get married, don’t do a thing without reading this first!

The bride

As the blushing bride, you have a lot to think about when planning your wedding. Whichever season you’re getting married, there is a particular characteristic of it that you need to take into account. Whether it’s heat, cold, snow, ice or rain, the great British weather will always have the final say.

With summer weddings, you have a few considerations to make.

The dress

If you’re expecting warm weather, you should choose a wedding dress to suit. Then choose bridesmaid’s dresses to suit the wedding dress. Having a lightweight, light coloured dress will help you control heat and give you the room you need to stay cool while still looking sensational.

Summer is the time for short sleeves, low-cut backs, scooped necks, elegant skirts and simple designs. While there is absolutely nothing stopping you wearing a full gown, heat management is something you’re going to have to discuss with your dressmaker at the time of ordering.

The preparations

If we are lucky enough to have a nice summer, you need to make plans to remain looking fantastic on the day. That means drinking plenty of water and planning your hair and makeup.

For example:

Having your hair up helps keep you cool

You can use less bronzer than usual if the sun is shining without looking too pale

Light makeup can actually look like more in sunshine

Using oil-free makeup will stop sliding if the temperatures makes you sweat

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding it’s also important to keep sunblock on at all times. Not just for you but for your entire wedding party. It might be useful to include a parasol into your wedding outfit in case the sun is really strong.

The groom

The groom has to prepare for good weather too. A heavy suit with wool socks just isn’t going to be comfortable if it’s in the 20s outside, so proper planning is a must. Nobody can stand in the sun all day in a traditional three-piece without sweating buckets, so plan accordingly.

The suits

If you’re planning a formal wedding, choosing cotton or linen suits over wool is going to be essential. Depending on your wedding theme, there is a lightweight suit to match. Think light cotton socks or even silk, as well as lots of deodorant of the kind that doesn’t leave white marks on your shirt.

While you won’t need to worry too much about hair and makeup, it’s important to wear sunblock if you’re going to be outside for any period of time.

The venue

While it would be lovely to think a summer wedding would be guaranteed sunshine and warmth, it isn’t always so. That makes proper preparation important here too.

It pays to make sure your venue has the capability to cope with whatever weather you experience on the day. Including:

An inside space available should the heavens open

Availability of cold drinks, ice and cold canapés

Somewhere shaded for family members to relax

Lovely gardens to enjoy in the sunshine

Lanterns or outdoor candles to enjoy a summer evening

A wedding in any season can be a fantastic occasion with the right planning. Summer is no different. Plan carefully and have a contingency in place for whatever kind of summer we experience and you should have a wonderful wedding, whether it rains or shines!