If you’re planning on a summer wedding, getting the food right is crucial if you want your big day to be the best it can be. With so many options available, it can be easy to be overwhelmed and simply play it safe and attempt to come up with food and drinks that will try to please everyone. However it doesn’t have to be like that. Here at Parklands, we’ve helped countless couples with their summer wedding food ideas and helped give their wedding a real WOW factor.

Take time over your drinks menu

 It’s important to serve an excellent choice of drinks at your wedding and your choice of wine for example is important so that it fits well with your meal. However, don’t neglect those guests that don’t drink alcohol. Instead of simply serving water, think about serving some delicious upmarket soft drinks too such as a sparkling elderflower drink. Delicious and refreshing, your non-drinking guests will appreciate it.

Avoid the stodge!

If you’re having a formal sit down meal and it’s a particularly hot day, stodgy food is a real no-no. People’s appetites change in the heat and most people generally don’t want hot and hearty dishes but would prefer something a touch lighter. So, however much you’d like to serve a full hot beef dinner with roast potatoes and vegetables, your guests may prefer something a touch lighter. Think of dishes like poached salmon or a light chicken dish.

Have you considered a barbecue?

If you don’t particularly want a formal sit down meal, then a barbecue can be a great idea, especially if you want your big day to be relaxed and informal. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with sunshine, then it can be a fabulous way of celebrating your marriage.

Although they are thought often as meat only affairs, they certainly don’t have to be, as you’re bound to have some vegans and vegetarians as guests. We’ve helped countless couples in the past come up with some amazing barbecue ideas that appeal to both meat eaters and those that don’t. One thing you have to do though is have a separate barbecue for the vegan and vegetarian food, as you don’t want to cook this where meat has been.

Talk to your wedding planner

The best advice we could give you is to talk to your wedding planner. Here at Parklands, we are constantly helping couples with their summer wedding food ideas. Food is such an integral part of your special day, it is vital that you get it right, so don’t feel overwhelmed or feel that you ‘should’ include certain dishes. Wherever you’re getting married, talk to your planner and they’ll be able to guide you through some menu ideas to ensure you get the right menu for your big day. Having our professional input can be invaluable and can make your wedding that little bit more special.