Should You Plan For Rain on Your Wedding Day?

Give a bride a magic wand and ask them to cast a spell to choose the weather for their wedding day and you can guarantee that almost every one of them will choose bright sunshine. If you’re getting married abroad then you may be almost guaranteed your sunny wedding but if you’re wedding is in the UK, then unfortunately your wedding may well be at the mercy of the weather. This can be particularly scary if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding. However, don’t despair. Even if it does rain on your big day, there are ways to ensure your wedding is just as special as it would be in the sunshine, just follow our 5 tips below:


Whether you trust the weather forecast or not, the fact is they are getting more and more accurate so it’s vital that as your big day gets closer, you pay close attention to it. In reality though, it is essential that you start planning for rain much earlier. For example, if you are hiring a marquee, ensure that it has the right sort of flooring to deal with wet days. Ideally you want a marquee with a wooden flooring system that lets the rain drain away underneath. Here at Parklands, our Marquee is a permanent structure, so you never have to worry about the rain getting in.

Use Props

If you know its going to rain, then embrace it! Make it part of your day. Think about investing in some umbrellas for your guests and even some wellies. They’ll be thankful for them! And make a feature of them by having some pictures with them!

Make your decision and stick with it

If you really want an outdoor ceremony and you’re still not sure on the morning of your wedding whether it will rain or not, you need to make a decision and stick with it. Whether that is risking the rain or reverting to a backup indoor plan, make the decision and stand by it. Being decisive is essential if you want the best wedding you can. Parklands has beautiful ceremony rooms indoors too, so your wedding will still look wonderful.

Your wedding suppliers have seen it all before

No doubt you will have spent a lot of time researching and securing the best suppliers for your wedding. If you do have to make last minute changes to your wedding, don’t despair that they won’t be able to cope. Chances are they will have been through lots of weddings like yours where changes have been required. Have faith in your suppliers and remember why you hired them in the first place. They won’t let you down. If you choose a Parklands Recommend Supplier, then they will know the venue inside out, so even better for planning your big day! They can help you have fun with it.

Don’t forget your wedding planner

Don’t forget that you have a source of unrivalled expertise and support available to you…. Your wedding planner! Here at Parklands our wedding planners work with our Brides and Grooms to give them the best wedding they possibly can so wherever you are getting married, make full use of your wedding planner and ask for their help and advice on everything. That’s what they are there for! Whatever your idea, however crazy or silly it may seem, talk to them. The fact is, the better the communication between you and your planner, the better your wedding will be, come rain or shine.