Glamorous, elegant, princessy, rock ‘n’ roll, goth – music is one of the most effective ways to set the perfect atmosphere for your wedding no matter what type of wedding you’re having. Here are some tips on picking the perfect music for your special day…

1. Acoustics vs Venue

Booking your venue before choosing your music and/or wedding band is essential if you want to get the sound right. If you do opt for a live band then you’ll have to consider acoustics, space for the musicians, noise disruptions and noise restrictions. The last two are especially important if you’re getting married or having the reception in a public place.

Quick tip: Fit the music with your venue, not the other way around.

2. Aisle

Depending on your romantic disposition, the song the bride walks down the aisle can be anything – from a sweet pop ballad to a punk rock anthem. If you’re choosing a pre-recorded song then we suggest you let the organiser know which moment of the song you walk down the aisle (think string crescendo, chorus or amazing guitar solo).

Of course, it’s always a great idea to go for something that means a lot to you and your partner. This could be the first song you heard when you first met, had your first holiday together or just a song that reminds you of all the happy times you’ve spent with your significant other. Hiring live musicians is also a great idea – as you’re bound to find one that can cover “your song” perfectly. Don’t forget – you’ll need to choose an “exit” song too when you walk down the aisle as a married couple!

Quick tip: If your friend or relative is a talented musician then why not ask them to play for you – it just makes it all the more personal and emotional.

3. First dance

According to viral videos worldwide, the first dance at a wedding has to be incredible, hilarious or both. Actually, your first dance can be whatever you both want it to be. Whether it’s a funny medley of cheesy songs, cool hip-hop breakdance, a heavy metal head banging session or an elegant foxtrot – it’s absolutely your choice.

For those of you that think you have two left feet but want to try a routine, learning a simple dance such as the waltz could easily impress your guests. Learning just the one move, the box-step, can take as little as one hour to master and it looks wonderful with minimum effort.

4. Wedding breakfast

Relaxing and chilled is one of the best ways to go with wedding breakfast music so you can socialise and enjoy your first delicious meal as a married couple. Both you and your guests will need a bit of downtime during dinner time. This doesn’t mean your wedding breakfast playlist has to be dull – it’s just wise to take it down a notch after all the excitement of tying the knot. This will also give you a breather before the reception begins. Choose from indie acoustic, pop songs, jazz, chill out house, ambient music, trip-hop, classical, even movie soundtracks – there really is something for every couple.

5. Reception

This is where the music really matters. There are three routes you can down for this:

• DJ: A great way to personalise your event with your very own playlist. You can even choose to blacklist certain songs or genres. A DJ can also act as a great MC – such as announcing the bride and groom, doing some shout-outs and even telling everyone when it’s last orders.

• Band: Whether this is a band you know personally, one of your favourite local bands or even a famous band – choosing a band for your wedding has many fantastic advantages. There’s an eclectic choice of wedding bands, ranging from rock to swing and pop to folk. It’s a great choice if you don’t want people requesting songs all night. In fact, Tom Ryder is a well-known local singer who performs everything from Adele to Van Morrison. We also recommend and incredible flute and harpist duo – the Bagatelle Duo!

• DIY: Create your very own bespoke playlists and play non-stop, uninterrupted tunes with the help of Spotify/iTunes and some high quality speakers. Great for laid-back/casual style/low budget weddings (and great fun!). Invite your guests to choose a couple of songs before the big day and add them to the playlist – that way everyone gets to dance to their favourite song.