Planning a wedding can be a long process and one of the first items on your list should be your save the date cards and wedding invites. We may live in a world of social media and Facebook event invites, but they really aren’t suitable for you special day are they? A beautiful wedding invite (and associated wedding stationery) will make your big day that little bit more special and make it a day that everyone will remember. Below we take a look at some of issues you should consider when choosing your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery.

Consider sending a save the date card

If your wedding is some time off but you have the venue booked for a specific day then a save the date card is a pre-wedding invitation memo that announced the date of your wedding, letting them know they are invited and allowing them to put it in their diary. The finer details of the wedding will be on the wedding invitation which you’ll send a little nearer the time.

Themes and styles

Once you’ve let everyone know the date of your wedding so they can ensure they have the day saved, you can start to think about the actual wedding invites. Does your wedding have a particular theme or style? If so, you may want to consider ensuring that your invites fit in with this.

Don’t be afraid to go against convention

If you think that all wedding invitations have to follow a certain set of rules then think again! Of course, they all need to have the vital information on them but if you want to experiment in terms of design and colours and even the shape of the cards then go for it, it is your wedding! Just keep in mind that changing the size can result in extra postage costs and these can mount up if you have rather a large wedding!

Check, recheck and check again

Once you have your design sorted, your printer will give you a hard or email copy of your invite for you to check that the details are correct. It is vital that you go over these details with a fine tooth comb because if any of them are wrong, it could really ruin your big day (especially if the date or times are incorrect).

Order extra

 When ordering your invites, always order a few more than you actually need. There may be people you’ve forgot to invite, people who didn’t receive the original invite and some who would like a copy as as keepsake.

Whilst ordering your invitations, it’s always a good idea to get all your other wedding stationery ordered too. This should include things like thank you notes, programs and menu cards. Ordering them at the same time is a great way of ensuring your stationery all has a cohesive and consistent look.