If you’ve decided on a winter wedding, then you’re one of a growing number of people that are seeing the benefits of getting married in the winter months. Below we take a look at some great ideas to make sure your winter wedding is that little bit more special. And to help you if you are thinking about booking a winter wedding and haven’t done so yet…

Don’t forget the winter accessories

Don’t forget to invest in your winter accessories because it could be a really cold day when you get married! Think about things like fake fur wraps, veils or a chic cardigan. You could also opt for a long sleeve wedding dress. As long as they all work well together, you’ll look fabulous walking down the aisle and best of all you’ll be warm and snug too!

… Don’t forget the guests too!

You don’t want to be warm yourself, and forget about your guests! Maybe have a basket of blankets at the door, if people want to go outside for pictures etc. It’s a lovely touch.

Velvet can be a great idea for the groom

It’s not just you the bride who can get a bit cold so why not suggest a velvet blazer for the groom (and even the best man and ushers too). Velvet is really warm, and when styled correctly and worn well, it’s a timeless bit of fashion.

Nobody can see what is under your dress!

 If it is really, really cold and you are really feeling the chill on your legs then don’t be afraid to wear some really thick tights under your wedding dress. If it’s like most wedding dresses, no-one will ever know and you’ll be warm whilst walking down the aisle. This goes for the bridesmaids too, you don’t want them shivering whilst you’re saying your vows!

Always factoring extra travel time

Bad weather is always going to be more common in winter so don’t forget to factor in extra travel time. No matter how far or how near your wedding and reception venues are, it just gives you peace of mind that even if you are hit by bad weather, you have enough time to get there on-time.

Have just one venue

If possible, the safest bet is to have just one venue such as here at Parklands, Quendon Hall. This takes away a lot of the hassle of travelling between the ceremony venue and the reception venue and can also work out substantially cheaper too.

Have hot drink Reception Drinks

When guests arrive, you may be thinking of giving them a glass of champagne but instead why not think about a hot drink? If it really is cold, a cup of tea, coffee or even a hot toddy might be much more welcome! At Parklands we have Mulled Wine, Mulled Ciders, and lovely Hot Chocolates too.

Have a change of footwear

 If it’s really soft and muddy outside, you don’t want your heels sinking into the ground whilst you are having your photographs taken do you? Have a spare pair of shoes on hand for photographs which will help save you beautiful wedding shoes from the mud and ice.