Coming up with winter wedding dress ideas can really stump a lot of people, especially if they are presented with options for sleeveless gowns and little else. However, a winter wedding can provide a distinct backdrop, and an opportunity for the bride to use this in choosing a more unique dress to set against it. To help inspire a wedding dress for the colder months, here are 5 winter wedding dress ideas;

Wedding Dresses with Taffeta, Cashmere or Faux Fur

A winter wedding dress lends itself to all sorts of thicker fabrics that would not be an option in warmer climates. It is a chance to experiment with fabrics either for the entire dress, or for accents and trim. Taffeta is a crisp silk fabric with a structured characteristic, making it ideal for adding over underskirts. Faux fur in white, ivory, or a contrasting shade is a wonderful option for a trim either across the neckline, or around the hem. Soft cashmere is a beautifully practical and luxurious option for sleeves, especially when crocheted or knitted as lace and placed over a fabric base.

Wedding Dresses with Long Sleeves

Wedding dresses with long sleeves lend themselves to winter wedding dresses incredibly well, and within this design concept, much detail can be created. The sleeves need not be too thick in order to make the bride feel warm either, and her arms need not be completely covered up, a thick lace fabric will provide some extra warmth as well as hiding any bumpy skin caused by the cold air. It is also an idea to play with full sleeves in soft thick fabrics such as velvet, perhaps even flared sleeves in a medieval style.

Winter Wedding Dress Ideas with Colour

Winter time is generally duller, unless of course it is a bright crisp day with a blue sky, and maybe even a dusting of frost or snow. Either way, playing with colour on your bridal outfit can really bring your look to life. You could make a bold statement with a wedding dress in berry red or a damsen shade, however you could also use colour on the trim or as an accent, either with a sash or some embroidery and motifs. If you do wish to keep an all white wedding dress, then some sparkle can be created by adding crystals to the gown.

Accessorise Your Winter Wedding Dress

A winter wedding is the perfect situation in which you can enjoy wearing some wedding dress accessories. On a cold day, a wrap is a lovely addition and can be knitted in silk or fine wool, or be made of the same fabric as the dress. A quirky yet traditional way of styling your dress for the outdoors it to wear a short cape along with a fur muff to keep your hands warm.

Wear a Wedding Dress and Coat

A coat could be in the form of a long cloak, with or without a hood, or an actual tailored coat that comes in at the waist and flows out toward the floor. Whatever you choose, there are many design options to combine this with your dress, incorporating shape, colour and texture.