Drinks are an extremely important part of any wedding, whether they be for regular or themed events. Whether you are looking to go down the traditional route, or want to wow your guests with something a bit different, we have plenty of wedding drinks ideas here for you.

Here are 6 great drink ideas for your wedding:


A  much preferred type of sparkling wine, Prosecco is a popular alternative to Champagne. Many people feel that they have no choice but to serve Champagne, however it is down to personal preference and many people nowadays enjoy Prosecco on special occasions.


Whether you plan on serving these to the guests who prefer an alcohol free drink, or whether your wedding is going to be alcohol free altogether, Mocktails provide an interesting grown up twist on the standard soft drink. There are many existing recipes for delicious Mocktails, however at your wedding it is an option to invent your own, or at least name them with a memorable title.


Gin has become increasingly popular over the past few months. Why not have a Gin menu for the day, with some of your favourite mixers, or a personalised cocktail for you and your wedding guests!

Mulled Wine

For weddings in Autumn or Winter, a drink that is warm and spicy such as mulled wine will be a welcome treat. This is a lovely way to warm your guests up as they arrive, or perhaps serve as a pre-dinner drink upon their arrival to the reception. You can even have a non-alcoholic option available so that any teetotallers can indulge in this warm wedding drink too.

Mason Jar Cocktails

Cocktails are always greatly received, and a new trendy way to serve them is in mason jars, with the option of added fruit and decorative umbrellas. Come up with your own fun names for these quirky wedding drinks, or stick to the old favourites, either way these exotic drinks will be much enjoyed. Similarly, cocktails can be served in fancy cocktail glasses, retro or modern in design, whatever suits your wedding style.

Wine and Beer

If different or quirky wedding drinks aren’t quite what you are looking for, sticking to wine and beer will be well received. This can be provided on themes of the local area, a specific country, favourites of the bride and groom, or what goes best with dinner. Wine and beer, along with soft drinks, will provide something for everyone.

Most people have a bar at their wedding reception, however like to provide their own choice of drinks pre-dinner, as well as with dinner. There are so many great drink ideas for your wedding out there, you are sure to come up with the perfect selection for your wedding guests. If in doubt, keep things simple, and serve good quality drinks that most people will enjoy.