It is actually quite common to feel some pre-wedding jitters in the run up to getting married. Some people find a little self doubt creeping in as the big day approaches, while others get completely cold feet to the point of calling the whole thing off. The important thing to remember however, is that having a few wedding fears is completely normal, and there are things you can do to keep them in perspective, acknowledge them for what they are, and overcome them on your wedding day. Here we discuss the top 5 wedding fears, and how to overcome them;

1 – Am I making the right decision?

The realisation that marriage is forever, you are settling down with one person for life, and worrying if you can stay together, are all sides of the same coin – which is worrying ‘if you are making the right decision’. It is important to discuss your feelings with your fiancée or a friend, and establish a rational take on it. You both love each other, and have likely not come to the decision to get married overnight, so talk it through and gain perspective on these fears which are all quite normal.

2 – Will my fiancée turn up?

This can be an anxiety dream some people have before they get married – being jilted at the alter. It is the popular theme for films, soap operas and TV dramas, however it happens a lot less in real life, and even less so when you have an equal and loving relationship. Again, vocalise your fears and it will help you gain a rational take on them, and you will likely see the humorous side of this one too.

3 – The fear of the unknown

Another completely natural fear is the fear of the unknown. Moving into a new chapter of life, merging two into one, and walking with that special someone into the future are all things to be excited about. But like anything major in life, it can feel daunting. Try to turn these fears around into excitement, allow and enjoy the butterflies in the stomach, but just interpret them as a positive feeling instead of a negative.

4 – Can we live up to expectation?

Many people about to wed live with the fear that they might not live up to the expectation of a perfect marriage. This is especially prevalent when people have parents with a long and happy marriage under their belt. It is important to remember that no two marriages are the same, they all thrive on different dynamics that work for the couple involved. Rest assured that no one who cares about you will be comparing your marriage to their own or judging you from the outside.

5 – Will the wedding day go without a hitch?

Both Brides and Grooms can put an immense amount of pressure on themselves to have ‘the perfect day’. Some people get so stressed out about everything going right that they actually forget to enjoy their wedding day, which is really sad. The best way to deal with a fear like this is to let go, what will be will be. Have faith in yourself and your wedding organiser. Here at Parklands, our wedding planners will always go the extra mile to ensure EVERYTHING runs smoothly on your big day.