Planning a wedding can be a seriously stressful business, so it’s nice to take a night off and let your hair down with your friends and enjoy some time away from planning the forthcoming nuptials. But your hen night is so much more than the opportunity to take a night off planning your wedding. It’s the chance to spend some really special time with your friends to celebrate your final few days of freedom and have a really good time before stepping into married life. Whilst planning your wedding is all down to you, thankfully planning your hen night is the Maid of Honour’s responsibility but it’s always good to keep an eye on things to ensure that you end up with a hen night to remember.

12 – 16 Weeks to Go

It may seem rather early to start planning your hen night,  but people are very busy these days and this gives you the chance to send out some save the date cards to ensure they keep your chosen hen party date free. It also gives people who may live away the chance to book transport and hotels early. If you don’t do this, you could find the number of people able to go on your hen night is severely limited as some may have other things booked such as holidays or business trips.

8 Weeks to Go

As you gradually get nearer to your hen party date, it’s time to sit down with your Maid of Honour and decide what sort of hen party you want. It’s essential that you are both on the same wavelength when choosing this to ensure that it is a success. Whilst some people love boozy nights out drinking and dancing, many others like to book a country cottage with their friends and have a really girlie weekend away from everything.

4 Weeks to Go

This is a great time to get your Maid of Honour to check she has all of your friends contact details and maybe send a text or Facebook message just to make sure everyone is still OK for your hen night. If you have a party venue or restaurant booked, it’s also good practice to check if your reservations are all OK. If you’re getting your hair done too before the party, ensure that your appointment is still OK as well. You don’t want to have a shocking hair day on your special hen night!

1 Week to Go

 If you’re like many people you may not want the more embarrassing photographs that can occur on a hen night on social media so this is a good point to raise this with your friends. Silly photos on social media can affect you in a whole host of ways particularity in the job market where the majority of hiring managers now check candidates’ social media profiles before offering them a job,.

The Hen Night Itself

 Our advice? Enjoy and have fun