More and more couples are taking out wedding insurance, and more and more insurance firms are offering it. But is it a good idea? The best answer to that is that it is really up to you and your partner’s individual circumstances and you should assess whether you think you need it or not and take independent advice on the matter. But there are some good reasons to consider it:

Bad Weather

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK so taking out wedding insurance that covers you for adverse weather is a really good idea. You’re not going to get a payout sadly if you get a little rain on your big day, these policies payout when your wedding is ruined by severe adverse weather such as flooding or snow. Note that most policies have to be taken out at least 14 days before your wedding for them to consider paying out for adverse weather.

Cancellation And Rearrangement

Good wedding insurance policies can protect you from the costs associated with unavoidable cancellation and rearrangement costs. The reasons they will pay out on are very specific and you won’t get a pay out if you simply decide to cancel your wedding. Eligible reasons include situations such as unavoidable illness or if one of you is in the military and is called away on active service. With the costs of cancelling and rearranging a wedding, having it for this reason alone can be a very good idea.

Public Liability

Some of the better wedding insurance policies in the UK include public liability insurance. This covers you for any potential claims from guests getting injured at your wedding that could be considered your fault. Whilst the likelihood of any of your guests sueing you may be very low, the sad fact is we are living in a more litigious society and situations like this do sadly occur.

Failure Of Suppliers

Wedding insurance can cover you and payout should any of your wedding suppliers fail to show up or provide their product or service. This can include:

Loss of wedding photography: If your wedding photographer fails to attend your wedding or somehow loses your images, you may be able to make a claim on your wedding insurance.
Dress supplier liquidation: If your dress supplier for whatever reasons goes into liquidation or bankruptcy before issuing you with your wedding dress, you may be able to make a claim on your wedding insurance.
Failure of caterers: The same is true of your wedding caterers. If your caterers for whatever reason fail to honour their contract with you and fail to provide you with food on your big day, you may be entitled to make a claim on your wedding insurance.

Damage to hired goods

If you have hired a marquee for example or any other equipment such as a chocolate fountain or photo booth and it becomes damaged in some way during the course of your big day then you may be able to make a claim on your wedding insurance.