Your Wedding day is sure to be one of the best days of your life. We all know the cliches. The old cliches are usually true! Your wedding day, the birth of your child and buying your own home are all amazing moments that you are unlikely to ever forget, or want to ever forget. When it comes to planning your wedding it can get a little stressful. Other people may have expectations about your wedding day and today we have tips on how to cut down your wedding list.

Avoid input from others

The first thing you should do, for your own sanity if nothing else, is avoid input from others. Stop letting people tell you what to do. Your wedding day is about you and your partner marrying one another and committing to spending your lives together forever. Your Wedding day should not be about relatives pleasing other people, or having a say over how your day goes.

If you are going to avoid input from one member of your family then ensure that you make this the policy across the board. Stopping input from all members of your family should ensure that everyone is treated the same and avoid anymore bad feeling. Hopefully!

Avoid inviting distant relatives

If you want to keep your wedding list small, or cut it down, then avoid inviting distant relatives. As a rule of thumb if you have a relative you only see at Weddings and funerals you don’t really need to see them at your own wedding. Distant relatives are nice to reminisce with, at times, however, if you need to keep your wedding list small, or cut down your wedding list, then you need to make certain decisions.

Invite selected guests to the reception only

You can keep your wedding list smaller by inviting people to the reception only. If you are limited for space then you can invite guests to the evening part of your Wedding day only. Keeping your wedding list small is great, however, you don’t want to have no ambience at the party to celebrate your marriage.

Stick to close friends and family

If you want to cut down your wedding list then you may need to make tough decisions across the board. By sticking to close friends and family only you can keep your wedding list small. Close family will typically mean parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces & nephews. You may want to extend this out to your first cousins if you have relatives in your wider family that you are close to. With your circle of friends you can either stick to people you have known for a minimum length of time or people that you socialise with frequently.

Be brutal

This is the number one tip to help you cut down your wedding list. Be brutal. Make decisions that you and your partner are happy with. Don’t worry about pleasing other people. The people that you really want there will be there, regardless of who else is invited to celebrate with you. If people are dissatisfied with your choices it is unlikely that they will even tell you, unless you are really close. You can wait until you have finalised your guest list, and sent the invites out, before you make it clear who has been invited, and who hasn’t. Never allow people to make assumptions that they will be coming as this could cause arguments further down the line, however, make sure you are happy with your choices.

Remember that this is YOUR wedding day. Shape your wedding list the way you want it to be. Don’t be bullied. Don’t worry about hurting the feelings of others. Their day will come. Or may have already passed. Your wedding day should be about what you and your partner want.