You’ve gone through all the complicated trials of courtship. Met the parents, friends, moved in together, decided on the colour the living room should be, and finally popped the big question. If you are reading this article, the answer was most likely a delightful “yes”, so congratulations! You’ve been doing very well so far and now all you have left to do is deal with the last stretch of the race. Well, you are just in luck! This article will give you all the tips and tricks to make it into an enjoyable and problem-free experience.

Have an opinion

No, don’t just nod and say “I don’t have a preference”. The seating chart or the food menu might not be the most fascinating topics in the world, but decisions have be made. Leaving it all to deal with on your future spouse definitely doesn’t paint you in a nice light. It just makes you seem like you can’t even be bothered with your own wedding – definitely not the image you should be going for. You are both in this together, unite and ensure that you end up having the wedding of your dreams.

Take responsibility

Even if you are planning to have a small wedding, there are still so many things to take care of. From the floral arrangements to music selection, there’s plenty of bits and pieces that need to be organized. Leaving it all on your partner, or her parents, or even your own parents, is simply lazy and selfish. Go and find a good photographer, or a band, or find examples of the wedding theme/colour you think would look nice. Be proactive and helpful. You will find the event more personable the more involved you get, making it feel like a truly wonderful day to celebrate your love for your partner.

Don’t forget to relax

If you have started working on the wedding plans already, you must have realised how stressful and overwhelming it truly is. The moment you figure out one problem, twenty other ones pop up. It is perfectly fine to feel a little intimidated – it definitely is a very big day. However, don’t forget to still have fun. You are both a little stressed, so why not take a quick trip to the countryside to relax? Do small loving things for your loved one to keep the stress away and remind yourself that this whole day will be about you and your partner. Have fun with it, make it into a day that you could and would never want to forget.

Weddings can be scary. Too many decisions and too little time can make it an intimidating experience. But it really doesn’t have to be. See this day as a celebration and make decisions that will still let you have fun prior and during the Big Day. As long as you don’t forget to help out your partner with the planning, this will definitely be the day you will fondly remember for many years down the line.