The Parklands team was delighted to welcome John Plummer on 10th August 2017.

John Plummer 87, was first brought to Quendon Hall in September 1939 during the evacuation from Chingford in World War II . He was just 9 years old and was sent with his siblings, Elbert, Molly and Queeny. The children were brought to Quendon Hall with 12 other children along with the headmaster from his school in London – Mr Swindle.

John and his siblings remained at Quendon for a total of 2 years and have very fond memories of their time there.

During John’s residence at Quendon Sir William owned the property and was a Knights Templar. He lived there with his family Lady Ellis, Dr Ellis, Lady Thomas, Dr Thomas, the footman Thomas and the butler Mr Rider.