Having a winter wedding? Take a look at out top 10 winter wedding tip to ensure that your big day is absolutely amazing.

Get some winter accessories

 A winter wedding is going to be cold, so splash out on some accessories to keep you warm. Some ideas include a veil, cape or even a chic cardi or faux fur wrap. Alternatively, why not opt for a long sleeve wedding dress?

Velvet blazers for the groom and groomsmen

 Normal wedding suits may not be the best choice for a winter wedding as they’re not the warmest of clothing options. A good idea however is for the groom and groomsmen to wear velvet blazers. Velvet is really thick, warm and just as importantly, it’s looks great and is really on-trend too.

Don’t neglect your skin

 Chapped lips and dry skin are inevitable in winter, so keep your lips moisturised in the run-up to your wedding and remember to use a good face moisturizer regularly. As a back up, don’t forget to have a chapstick in your clutch on the day too.


Don’t be afraid to consider boots for your winter wedding. Boots can be a really stylish and practical bridal shoe option. There’s lots of fashionable examples out there that will keep you feet warm and help you deal better with ice and rain.

Keep your bridesmaids warm

 Don’t forget to keep your bridesmaids warm at your winter wedding! As well as considering letting them wear long sleeve dresses, it’s a nice touch to have some bridesmaid coverups on your big day too.

Extra travel time

 Don’t forget that you should always allow extra travel time when you have a winter wedding. No matter how near or far you are going, rain, wind or snow can really slow you down and hamper the enjoyment of your big day.

Give your guests a hot drink

 Keeping your guests warm should be one of your biggest priorities, their enjoyment of your wedding will severely be hampered if they’re freezing cold! Why not give them a hot drink when they arrive?

Get your photo schedule right

Don’t forget that it gets much darker, much earlier in winter. Therefore, you may need to adjust your photo schedule to ensure you have the best possible light for your photographs. If you have booked a reputable and capable photographer, they should have this all in hand.

Don’t ruin your wedding shoes

 If you are wearing heels, then ensure that you have another shoe option for your pictures taken outside. You don’t want your lovely new wedding shoes to be sinking into the mud or snow!

Get some umbrellas

Get some umbrellas to have on standby for your outdoor wedding photographs. They don’t have to be fancy, just functional. You and your guests will be glad of them if the wedding is hit by rain or snow.