There’s no doubt about it, in the majority of weddings, the significant amount of planning will be done by the bride. Whether it’s because the bride has a very fixed idea of what they want the wedding to be like or whether they are just far more organised than the groom, traditionally this has always been the way.

However, that doesn’t mean that the groom should not be involved with planning the wedding. Indeed, with wedding planning being very stressful, the bride will almost certainly be glad for some help, after all it is a day that celebrates the love between you.

We take a look at some practical ways that grooms can get involved and help the bride with wedding organisation and ensure that everyone has an amazing day that you will remember forever.

Help with the guestlist

Whether your bride knows your family well or not, it’s always useful for the groom to be heavily involved in the guestlist. Quite often, guest lists can often be far too big when initially drafting, so lots of discussion is needed to ensure that you get it down to a manageable number for your venue.

If you leave all of this to your bride, you could find that you have people who you really want coming to your wedding, or your bride being really unhappy that she’s had to cut loved ones out when you’ve made any concessions at all. Get involved and you’ll get the guestlist that is right for both of you and that is one of the key aspects of a successful and memorable wedding.

Find your best man… early

Lists are an essential part of planning a wedding, and the bride will almost certainly have either one doing list or lots of segmented ones with lots of ‘to-dos’ on them. On one of these lists will be ‘find a best man’. This of course will be something that it is up to you, but if you do it early, it will really help your bride-to-be. It can be overwhelming sometimes seeing just how many things need to be done, so any simple tasks that you can get done will be much appreciated. Choosing a best man early will also ensure you can help complete other tasks early too such as choosing your suits etc.

Do some of the more menial tasks such as following up on RSVPs

Why not let your bride get on with the more creative tasks for the wedding? After all, getting the right look is vital for the big day. By taking on some of the more menial and time consuming tasks such as counting up RSVPs, you can help your bride concentrate on some of the more pressing tasks, safe in the knowledge you are helping her in a big way.