A beautiful wedding day sadly becomes a blissful memory. Many couples say that when it is over they are a little lost as to what to do next due to the amount of time and energy that most invest in it. The truth is they should go back to normal, well after a ridiculously romantic honeymoon that is! Normal does not mean you have to start putting on your slippers on a Friday night whilst binge eating on all the snacks you could not indulge on on your pre-wedding diet. A lot of couples seem to believe that the ring on their finger suddenly changes them, it changes everything and they should say goodbye to their old life. This is simply not true.

You may not have a wedding to plan any more but hopefully you do have a little more money again so enjoy the financial freedom. Make plans to see friends, book a nice holiday or do all the things you have wanted to do to your home but couldn’t. The financial restraints of a wedding can be very limiting and cause a great deal of stress on couples therefore let yourselves live a little again.

Work together and make plans that you will both enjoy. Be self indulgent and take advantage of the honeymoon period – drink those bottles of champagne you got from your wedding on a Friday night just because you can!

Date! Date nights are very important for any relationship and should not stop just because you are married. Get married life off to the best start you can and enjoy time together. This allows you the opportunity to reconnect and bodes well for your future. This does not need to be every week but start off with a commitment of once a month, maybe even take turns at planning a nice evening for the other person.

Keep things romantic! Dreaming of the days you spent by the beach sipping cocktails on your idyllic honeymoon? OK so we are not suggesting you recreate this in your back garden however try to keep the romance alive. Couples often report that they suddenly become disconnected therefore it is important to try to show affection and continue to make declarations of your love.

Relationships take work and commitment so get your married life off to a great start by showing your partner that you love them. Little notes, surprise candle lit dinners and take a trip down memory lane with a trip to your wedding venue.

Bottom line – start as you mean to go on! Do the work because some days marriage will be hard, really hard. Marriage does not need to be the end of romance but the start of an even deeper connection. We all love a cosy night in but you must ensure you do not get stuck in a rut. If all else fails book a second honeymoon and reminisce somewhere with sun, sea, sand and sangria!