To be chosen to be part of someone’s wedding day is a great honour especially if you are part of the bridal party.  With such a role comes responsibility like organising the hen party.  This is a task that can be great fun however it does require some pre planning and organisation to make sure you get it right.  If you are on hen party duty you must remember to keep the bride at the forefront of your mind and organise a celebration that she will enjoy.  To help get your party planning juices flowing here are our top tips to organising the ultimate hen party.

Set the date

Discuss dates with the bride to be.  A surprise date is not recommended due to the many appointments they are likely to attend on the run up to their wedding so make sure you settle on a date she is comfortable with.  Once you have a date for your diary let those on the invite list know right away so they can clear their schedule and book time off work.

Party planning prep

Is having a large group of friends at the hen the most important thing to the bride?  Or does she simply want a small affair with her favourite girls abroad?  In order to decide who to invite you need to have a good idea about what the bride might be open to.  This does not mean involving her in the final decision but discussing do’s and don’ts prior to planning may be the best option to avoid a bridezilla moment.  Make sure you consider a reasonable budget that the majority of guests will be comfortable with and for the pricier ideas look at payment plan options.

Invite the hens

As previously mentioned it is vital to let the list of hens know as soon as possible.  Of course not everyone will be able to attend so be sure to have a plan that is flexible with numbers.  In the event you are planning a trip away it is advised to take a small deposit to secure their place to avoid you being out any money.

Add some special touches

A good hen do reflects the bride and you can always tell when a brides squad have really thought about her.  Try adding in custom goodie bags for the hen party with cheeky mementos with a few of the brides favourite things such as a small bottle of her preferred tipple, her trademark lippy or her sweetie of choice.  Printing off photos of the bride as a little girl and with her favourite guests shows you cherish her memories but do not forget to add in some hilarious flashbacks, anyone else haunted by their drunken spice girl costume disaster?

Keep things simple

Whether you have decided to whisk her away on a mini break or stay local at your favourite haunt remember to keep things simple.  Various location pit stops can lose hens along the way so try to choose something that keeps the whole group together as the bride will want to be with all her girls on her special night.