Are you wondering what the deal is with wedding cars? At what point during the day you need a wedding car? Who travels in the wedding car? These are all very valid questions for anyone planning an upcoming wedding.

Firstly, a wedding car isn’t always necessary but there is no denying that rolling up in a beautiful classic car really adds the ‘wow factor’ to your big day! But which car to choose? Will you even go for a motored car or will you opt for a horse-drawn carriage like in the old days?

Types of wedding cars

Classic cars

Classic cars aren’t just for men. Whether the bride is passionate or not about the history of motors, she’ll probably agree that classic cars look and sound so elegant in comparison to our modern versions. Your car hire company can decorate your chosen model with ribbon and flowers in keeping with your theme so that the wife-to-be looks every inch the vintage bride as she rocks up to the ceremony.


Hiring a horse-drawn carriage means that the bride will arrive in sophisticated style, and there is no more majestic transport method than this old-fashioned tradition. The carriage may not be able to seat the entire bridal party, but it offers excellent photo opportunities, not to mention making the bride feel like a royal princess!


A more contemporary take on the wedding car is the hire of a limo. With its stretched appearance, this vehicle draws attention wherever it goes so the bride can expect to get looks from passers by on her way to the service as well as from gawping guests awaiting her arrival!

What is the purpose of the wedding car?

Traditionally, wedding cars have been used to take the bridal party to the church or registry office and, at times, to transport them on to the reception venue. For weddings taking place at one property, though, you’ll only need to worry about getting them there (having said that, some brides and their group choose to stay over and get ready in their suite therefore no imposing transport is necessary).

So, why does the groom not get to take a seat in a luxury car, we hear you men asking!? There is no rule that says that the groom and his best man can’t indulge in hiring a flashy car to get them from A to B on the wedding day, but since they are usually expected at the venue to greet guests, some couples agree that it is a bit of an extravagance.

Who travels in the wedding car?

If you have a particularly large bridal party, then remember that multiple cars may be required to get everyone to the church on time. You should consider the size of the Bride’s dress too, as she might need some extra space in the back so as not to damage any fine detailing.

A good idea is to have the Father of the Bride in the main car with his daughter and then to have any Bridesmaids, the Maid of Honour and the Mother of the Bride travel separately.

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