For many, going to a wedding is a great excuse to get tipsy on their favourite tipple, fill their faces with free food and dance until they drop, but what about if you are the bride or groom? Is it acceptable for the married couple to let loose and get worse for wear on their wedding night?

Reasons To Be Cautious About How Much You Drink On The Big Day

As with any occasion, there are many reasons to be careful about how much alcohol you drink: health and safety, your pride, how others may perceive you, etc… Yet, even though you know you are in safe hands at your secluded venue and that your partner can help you to your room at the end of the night, it seems even more important to stay sensible and presentable at your own wedding since the day is all about YOU.

See a number of motives below that might make you more determined to keep a clear head during your big day:

You don’t want to hurt yourself

It may be stating the obvious but there are a number of hazards at a wedding that could cause the bride, groom or their guests to have an accident, and adding alcohol to the mix could fuel this even more.

For example, high heels and shined shoes can be somewhat dicey on a slippery dancefloor if you aren’t careful, meanwhile champagne flutes and beer glasses can pose a risk in the hands of someone who is under the influence. Not to mention the damage that can be caused by candles, hazardous table displays and electrical equipment if you happen to topple over nearby!

You don’t want to embarrass yourself

If the idea of falling over and twisting your ankle isn’t enough to deter you from getting smashed on your wedding day, just think about the harm you could cause by getting drunk and a bit ‘lippy’. With everybody who means something to you being there on the big day, you’d be horrified if you found out that you’d offended or upset one of them, wouldn’t you?

But an argumentative attitude isn’t all you need to worry about – imagine if you got so drunk that you wound up throwing up and spending the rest of the night in bed whilst your guests party on…

You want to remember the event

Following on from the above, it would be a great shame if you got too intoxicated to enjoy your wedding day with your nearest and dearest. It’s likely that you and your family will have put a huge amount of effort and money into organising the day, so as tempting as it is to let your hair down once the official proceedings are over, it’s only right that you respect the amount of hard work that has gone in all round and that you keep up appearances until every last guest has gone.

Does This Mean I Should Veer Away From Alcohol Altogether?

This does not mean to say that you cannot drink anything, however.

Most will have been to a wedding where the bride or groom got totally drunk, and one where the pair barely touched an ounce of the hard stuff. Yet nobody brings up time and time again the behaviour of the happy medium couple who took it slowly and enjoyed a few social drinks with their family and friends…