We recently discussed how much the bride should spend on her wedding shoes, but I think most would agree that the price tag isn’t what’s important, it’s how you feel wearing them, right? and of course, you want wedding shoes that are comfortable.

Here, we will explore the different styles of wedding shoes for both men and women.

Picking out your bridal shoes

Luckily for women, there are so many choices of footwear out there!

Brides tend to go with an elegant neutral or metallic shoe that doesn’t contrast too much with their chosen wedding gown. However, some daring women might opt for a pop of colour to bring their outfit and theme together in harmony. (Just think of Carrie’s electric blue heels from the Sex and the City movie!)

What wedding shoes to wear? The options are endless especially when it comes to style, however, there is flat, high-heeled, closed-toe, open toe, shoe, sandal and so on… so how do you pick amongst them? You’ll probably find that when you see the perfect shoe, you’ll know.

A few top tips

However, there are a few considerations you could make to lead you in the right direction. For instance, what style of wedding dress will you wear? Will you be wearing ivory or cream? Will it be a winter wedding or a summer celebration? If you’re getting married between October and February then you can probably rule out any strappy sandals, unless you want to get cold feet – literally! Also, you may want to avoid overly shiny shoes if your dress is already highly sequinned as you may risk looking like a Christmas cake decoration!

We recommend browsing catalogues and magazines in order to find a type of shoe you love. Once you have picked your favourite style of shoe, which is normally after the purchase of the wedding dress, be sure to try them on in-store before buying them. You will also want to take them to your dress fittings to ensure the shoes and dress work together.

Experts recommend trying on shoes in the morning as your feet tend to swell throughout the day. Take some pop socks with you too if you plan on wearing tights under your gown.

Remember also to give yourself enough time to ‘wear-in’ your shoes. Spend time walking around your house in your wedding shoes in the run-up to your big day so as not to be faced with blisters and general discomfort when it matters most.

Choosing men’s footwear

Let’s not forget about all the grooms who want to look just as good on their wedding day!

While there perhaps isn’t as much choice when it comes to men’s wedding shoes, you may be surprised by the wide variety of styles you can find if you really look (and are prepared to stand out from the crowd).

Classic loafers, oxfords and brogues are the most dominant dress shoes these days for men but remember that you don’t have to go for traditional black or tan leather. Have you considered looking for a pair of suede shoes, or even a set of two-tone ballroom shoes? Failing that, some metallic ones would really jazz up a simple jacket and trousers combo!

What is acceptable footwear?

What if it is a hot day? If you aren’t comfortable wearing socks with your dress shoes on a hot summer’s day but don’t think you can pull off the ‘barefoot loafers’ look, then wearing some smart, more breathable footwear like espadrilles could be the best option for you. These are best matched with a linen or lightweight outfit.

Flip flops don’t exactly shout out “wedding shoes” however they might be seen as more acceptable if you are planning to get wed in the height of summer or if you have set about creating a beach-themed day. Just be sure to ask the groomsmen to wear their sandals too so that you aren’t the only casual one on your own wedding day!

Remember that shoes can really affect your confidence so be sure to pick a pair of shoes that make you feel you great! Take a look at our recommended suppliers to help you pick that perfect pair!