Are you incredibly excited about your wedding day but at the same time absolutely terrified? It’s perfectly normal to have some nerves before the wedding. Here’s a few tips on how to stay calm and composed in the run up to the big day and not let those nerves get the better of you!

Don’t Get Overwhelmed By The Planning

Planning a wedding is renowned for being stressful but, on the other hand, it should still be fun. That’s why you don’t want any nervousness to get in the way of enjoying those last few months before you marry the love of your life.

The best way to live a stress-free life in the remaining few weeks before your wedding day is to make sure you are as organised as you can possibly be. Even if this means calling the caterers three times to confirm your food orders, checking in on the florists again and again to check they have your brief and trying your dress on every morning to make sure it still fits – if it’s worrying you then nip it in the bud straight away!

Also, don’t try to do everything yourself. Your bridal party is there to take some of the pressure off you, so use them to your advantage! Get your trusted maid of honour to keep on top of your suppliers, give your bridesmaids shopping lists… when it all comes together on the day everyone will be glad of the part they played! Even if ‘Bridezilla’ did make an appearance along the way…

Keep Your Cool On The Day

I’m afraid to say that it is almost impossible to feel completely relaxed on the morning of your wedding. For starters, there’s so much to do in such a short space of time! Once again though, with the help of those around you, you can make getting ready for your wedding a special and relatively chilled out lead up to the big event!

Firstly, have an early night on the eve of your wedding day to make sure that your head is clear when you wake up. Put fresh sheets on the bed (or allow us to provide you with clean, fresh sheets in our bridal suite!), listen to some calming music and keep a notepad and pen on your bedside table if that helps so that you can jot down things you need to remember.

It is helpful if you lay out your wedding dress and all accessories the night before so that you have everything you need. Don’t forget to pack your clutch bag too if you plan on taking one.
You should know how long your hair and beauty treatments will take so set your alarm to wake you in enough time to allow yourself a relaxing bath with essential oils.
Once you’ve woken from your peaceful slumber, be sure to have a good, hearty breakfast. You likely won’t be eating again until the afternoon, so you don’t want to be feeling nauseous during the ceremony.

Prepare a playlist that you and your bridal party can listen to when getting ready. This will raise everyone’s spirits and get you all excited for the day to come.
Open up a bottle of bubbly if you so wish and make a toast to the new chapter in your life.
Finally, relax! You can now stop feeling anxious about anything going wrong because the day is upon you and all is out of your control. Just go with the flow and enjoy what will no doubt be the best day of your life so far!