Among the many decisions you must make for your wedding, one of the most important has to be your choice of bouquet and flower arrangements. After all, the flowers will play a huge role, tying in your bridesmaids’ dresses and overall colour scheme, whilst appearing in all of your professional photographs too.

But it’s not just as simple as choosing a pink, blue or peach toned theme, there is so much more for you to consider (as with all aspects of wedding planning!). Thankfully, an experienced wedding florist can offer you some valuable suggestions and recommendations to suit your preferences so be sure to book a meeting with your chosen professional to discuss your options ahead of time. Wedding florists can get booked up very quickly during the peak wedding season so don’t leave it too late!

During your consultation, they may be able to show you examples of their work, however, looking through their social media accounts and blogs in the first instance is a good way to get inspiration for your big day and give you ideas to discuss at the meeting.

Choosing A Theme

For most couples, the choice of flowers will be directly linked to their chosen colour theme, which will, in turn, be reflected in the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, chair bows and wedding invitations. But don’t worry if you’ve gone for a slightly more unique colour, your bouquet can even be made with flecks of deep blue or black to match a darker theme. Take a swatch with you when you go to meet your florist as they can suggest a selection of flowers that compliment your chosen fabrics.

Popular trends from this decade are hazy colours like dusky pink, stormy blue and cool grey, but the choices are infinite!

Selecting A Style Of Bouquet

Did you know that you have a choice in the size and shape of your wedding bouquet? Some brides prefer a tight, neat, rounded bouquet whilst others like a looser, more rustic feel with lots of foliage.

What’s more, you can choose whether you want your bridesmaids’ bouquets to be a smaller version of your own or to incorporate different flowers to make yours look more special. Children can have mini bouquets and buttonholes too, plus magical flower wands can be made for them to hold.

Picking Table Arrangements

Of course, it’s not just about the bouquet. When choosing your wedding flowers, you not only need to pick colours and the species of flowers you want it to be filled with, you also need to consider which arrangements you want and where.

By choosing a florist who has experience of working at your selected venue, you can benefit from their expert knowledge of where to place arrangements (i.e. on the registrar’s table, up the staircase, on the Gazebo, at the entrance to the Pavilion, on the mantlepieces of the Tabor Room etc…) and what would look best on the tables at your reception.

Many brides and grooms like to pick a mixture of high and low table arrangements for their wedding reception to offer variety and to allow guests at the table to see and speak to one another. High displays can include tall glasses, vases or stands whilst low displays may be in the form of small jars or votives.

Ask your florist about any extras they can add to your package as they may have some creative ideas that you hadn’t thought of, like scattering petals down the aisle, providing a bespoke flower arch, or placing tealights and lanterns to create the romantic atmosphere you’re after.