Do you have a theme in mind for your wedding? Have you got a preferred era or style to mimic on the day?

If you aren’t sure which to choose, or can’t quite differentiate between different styles, then we are here to give you the lowdown on the most commonly picked wedding themes.

Whether it’s romantic, modern, vintage, art deco, fairytale… you can incorporate a theme into your wedding day that reflects YOU!

A Touch Of Vintage

A vintage wedding is inspired by the romanticism of previous centuries and brings about a great sense of nostalgia for years passed. Examples of vintage wedding details are rustic surroundings, antique glassware, shabby-chic/upcycled furniture, classic wedding invitations and ornate table arrangements.

Think old French villages, eating ‘al fresco’, and lace – lots of lace!

Gatsby Glamour

Similar to the vintage feel, Art Deco-inspired weddings embrace the past, but more specifically the roaring 1920s. This glamorous era was known for its Jazz music, flapper dresses, and geometric shapes.

To nail this theme, opt for lush velvet upholstery, statement jewellery and bold, gold, geometric centre-pieces.

A Royal Affair

Every bride-to-be dreams of her own fairy tale wedding and if your vision for your wedding day is to marry your Prince Charming then a romantic princess theme may be the one for you.

Get your inspiration from Disney films – floor-length gowns, tiaras, candelabras – or from real princes and princesses: the royal family. We bet you’d love a grand flower arch to be photographed underneath just like the beautiful arrangement at Harry and Meghan’s wedding!

Fresh and Trending

Modern weddings can be romantic and fun too. A contemporary wedding theme is usually centred around simplicity, projecting all the attention on the love shared between the happy couple.

Standout features of modern weddings are sleek lines, balloons, crisp lighting and a great deal of white.

Where To Get Your Inspiration?

You might already have visualised every aspect of your wedding or you might be keen to get ideas flowing with the help of other happy couples.

Looking through wedding magazines and brochures or having a nosy at your photographer’s previous wedding shoots are great ways to figure out what you like and dislike.

Facebook and Instagram hashtags help you to discover a massive catalogue of wedding theme ideas.

Moreover, using websites such as Pinterest is ideal for gathering ideas for your wedding theme. By pinning posts that appeal to you, you and your other half can create a picture board of how you’d like your wedding to look. Let’s just hope you’re both on the same page!

Finally, remember that having a theme doesn’t mean that you can’t veer away from it at times. For example, don’t feel the need to spend three times more on something just to make sure it is ‘in keeping with the theme’. You are never going to perfect a theme so just do what feels right to you! A theme should be inspiring, not inhibiting…