Believe it or not, weddings don’t have to be classic or timeless. Though your wedding might be a pinpoint in your history as a couple, it also represents what’s to come and what better way to embrace your future than to think ahead of the times, looking beyond the past and present?

The scale of 21st century weddings means that there is a lot to think about when it comes to planning what you are going to spend your money on: you want to make it your own unique special day but you also want it to be unforgettable for your guests, too.

Here are our tips for making your wedding go down in history as one of the trendiest events of 2020 as we disclose some of the top wedding trends for 2020,

Intimate Ceremonies

Even though the average bride and groom spent over £30,000 on their nuptials in 2019, you’ll be pleased to hear that small, intimate ceremonies are having a come-back. Interpret this as you will: an opportunity to spend less in total on your wedding or the chance to increase the budget elsewhere!

Regardless of how you choose to divide your budget, be sure to make the ceremony all about you by choosing music, colours, themes and vows that best match your personalities.

Extravagant Flowers

Gone are the days when you had little choice concerning flowers for your table arrangements – now you can have your pick of flower varieties and colour combinations!

While roses remain the traditional wedding flower, you can also go for rare and exotic flowers if you so wish and, the bigger the better the experts say! Many modern brides are choosing to have contrasting high and low table arrangements bursting with statement flowers and foliage. What’s more, some famously old-fashioned trends such as pampas grass and bleached leaves are making a return in a big way.

Pockets And Sleeves

Just as floral styles come around again, so do fashion fads. The word on the street is that the wedding dress to have in 2020 is a long-sleeved number with an exposed back or shoulders, or alternatively one with pockets. We’re loving this latest revelation as it means that you can effortlessly combine elegance and practicality, keeping your lippy or a tissue on your person without the inconvenience of carrying a purse around with you. We wonder if a certain duchess and 2018 bride might have influenced the longer sleeve obsession…

Upcycling And Zero Waste

Finally, and unsurprisingly, is the zero-waste trend that is on everybody’s mind right now. But how do you do your bit for the world without compromising your wedding? Easy!

One of the simplest yet most effective things you can do to have an eco-friendly wedding is to upcycle anything you can. For instance, why not turn items from your recycling bin into standout pieces by spraying bottles and tin cans in a metallic tone to match your theme and then using them for display purposes? Another wonderful idea is to use up old wine bottle corks to make beautiful displays – try making a love heart, your initials or, if you can collect enough of them, you could spell out “Mr & Mrs” in big letters!