So, guys, are you beginning to feel nervous about marrying the love of your life? Of course you are! You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have some pre-wedding nerves. However, you don’t want to be worrying needlessly over silly little things, so we are going to answer a few questions and bust a few myths for you.

Is it right that the groom shouldn’t see the bride on the day of their wedding until she walks down the aisle?

Traditionally, this is the case. Most brides and grooms will spend the night apart on the eve of their wedding (it became a ritual for the bachelor and bachelorette party to be held on this night but, more recently, this stopped – probably because the hen and stag celebrations have become much wilder in recent years!). Some brides will stay at the venue the night before the wedding to enable them to get up and get ready in their room. Others, meanwhile, will stay at their parents’ house and depart for the venue with their father in a pre-booked wedding car just before the ceremony. It is quite rare for husband and wife to wake up next to each other on the morning of their wedding, but this choice is, of course, up to you.

Should I be scared of my new father-in-law when he walks my wife-to-be down the aisle?

Not unless you have anything to be scared about! The father of the bride will no doubt be very emotional on the day he gives his daughter away, simply because of the true meaning behind this act. As he reaches the end of that aisle, he will be letting go of a huge part of his parental responsibility and letting you take his place as his daughter’s protector, allowing her to join your family and take your name (even though you may have lived together for years!). He might also happen to whisper a few words in your ear, which must not be repeated, but you can be sure it’s all in the name of love!

Should I watch my bride walk down the aisle or wait until she is beside me for my first look at her?

This, once again, is all down to personal preference. Some men like to stand, facing the congregation and watch their beautiful bride walking towards them and take it all in. Others, meanwhile, want to save that first glance until the moment she reaches the altar, with only their best man’s word for how beautiful she looks. Regardless of how you play this one out, it is one of the most exciting moments of the entire wedding for sure, so remember to soak it all up!

Is it customary for the groom to cry when he sees his partner in her gown?

Is it customary for the groom to cry when he sees his partner in her gown?