Weddings have been heavily restricted for the past 12 months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But what will 2021 have in store for our happy couples? Here, we run through some of our predictions for weddings and celebrations as the year unfolds…

Guest numbers set to increase

For most brides and grooms, cutting back the wedding guest list was one of the toughest sacrifices of all. It is one thing not being able to plan and experience the big wedding you had envisaged but to not even have all your loved ones around you can leave you feeling quite bitter.

However, with a vaccine on the horizon and a positive outlook, we are hopeful that weddings will be able to resume in the summer with an increased number of guests permitted to attend.

Smaller wedding ceremonies

Yes, we did just say numbers might increase, but…

After nearly a year of ‘staying home’ and focusing on what is ‘essential’, we think that we’ll be seeing far more micro weddings even if restrictions are eased. Something positive to have come from the pandemic is our new appreciation for the smaller things in life, and this includes weddings.

We have been overwhelmed by the love we have witnessed at Quendon Hall in recent months – couples who have had to scale back their weddings coming together despite all the curveballs that have been thrown at them and declaring their love for one another… Love really has no bounds, and we can safely say that none of the Covid weddings we have had the pleasure of holding has lacked in any way because smaller weddings are just as magical.

More focus on themes

Though numbers may not be as big as before, we anticipate themes making a huge impression in 2021.

With less money spent on feeding guests or topping up the bar tab, couples may have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to flowers, lighting and props.

Nothing brightens up a room more than floral displays and with an intimate wedding on the cards you can really use plants and blooms to create that romantic atmosphere.

Or why not opt for a full-on theme? If you are getting married this Spring, then you could go all out on pastels with extra linens, flowers, balloon arches and much more. Pastels are set to be a wedding gown trend in 2021 so there’s a fab excuse for you to sneak in an outfit change for photography purposes!

If you are feeling really daring – and you have a loving and supporting partner – then you might even like to go down the fun movie theme avenue… Butterbeer and Gillywater all round, will it be? Or is rolling up to the ceremony in a Greased Lightnin’ replica more your thing?

As you can see, our overwhelming conclusion is that smaller (but equally wonderful) wedding celebrations are to be expected in the coming months. Will that be because social distancing has become the norm, or because people don’t have the finances they once had? We can’t say for sure but we are confident that no matter how big or small your wedding is, it will be all you wanted and more.