Whether you are a traditionalist or prefer to put a modern spin on things, it can be hard to come up with anniversary present ideas each year. Below, we have listed the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year with some suggestions so that you can show your love with something thoughtful.

Gifts by Year

1: Paper

While your marriage may still be in its infancy after just twelve months, the first anniversary is arguably the most important! With all those memories from your special day still fresh in your mind, it’s natural to want to express your love with something special.

Paper may not sound very exciting but there are so many ways that you can incorporate paper into a thoughtful present, like a personalised notebook, a special framed print (we offer our couples a print of Parklands for their anniversary, call for option), a fun card game, or a book (The idea behind this tradition is your love being an open book with many blank pages yet to fill). Those wanting to spend a little more could buy a ‘paperclip chain’ bracelet or necklace and those wanting to keep it simple can opt for a card with their own special message inside.

2: Cotton

Cotton is a very versatile theme and one that can easily be made unique. Personalised underwear, bath robes, towels, dishcloths or clothes are great gift ideas, as well as cross-stitched portraits of your venue or other half (bonus points for making this yourself!

3: Leather

Leather gifts don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but a flash new handbag or wallet will certainly get you in the good books! More ideas include a leather-bound journal, a leather frame, a leather bracelet, a pair of leather shoes or something to spice up the bedroom…

4: Fruit/Flowers

Flowers are the ultimate anniversary gift, but you may need to quadruple your efforts this year and turn them into something extra special… i.e. four of your favourite flowers in a bouquet, a dozen roses for each year you have been married or possibly a fruit tree that can grow along with your love.

5: Wood

Hand-crafted items such as picture frames, memory boxes or trinket dishes are fabulous ideas for your fifth anniversary, however, with wood symbolising strength, stability and nature then why not take all these elements on board and install a wooden swing in your garden, engraved with your initials? It will be wonderful to see future generations using this special outdoor feature too.

6: Sugar

If a box of supermarket chocolates won’t hit the sweet spot for your other half, then you might like to consider picking up a sugary treat from your local bakery or heading out to a diner for a sugar-packed dessert. Or if you really want to do something special for your other half, then pancakes for “breakfast in bed” will work like a treat.

7: Wool

Much like cotton, wool makes for quite an easy anniversary gift. Think cosy knitwear, chunky socks, blankets to keep you toasty at night whilst you snuggle up on the sofa… all of which are very fitting because wool symbolises comfort.

After seven years together, we expect you are more than comfortable with each other (but not enough to let the anniversary gift standards slip, of course!

8: Salt

Eight years on, you might need to add a bit of flavour into your relationship, so this is where salt comes in. Why not make your loved one a delicious meal finished off with a salted caramel pudding, or buy them some bath salts so that they can take a well-deserved break in a relaxing tub. Or if you are both in need of a peaceful retreat, then the sun, sand and salty sea might be calling you!

9: Copper

Copper is a metal that conducts heat, so the idea behind this theme is warmth. If jet-setting to a hot country is off the cards this year, then you could warm your partner’s heart by buying them a piece of sentimental jewellery made from the material.

10: Tin

Somewhat less romantic is tin. But if you look at the symbolism of this metal – which is resilience and the inability to rust – then it’s rather sweet. And you can get loads of sweet or nifty treats in a tin such as biscuits or candles. What’s more, you can find tin planters or personalised money tins from a range of suppliers to celebrate this milestone decade.

15: Crystal

After fifteen years of marital bliss, it should be clear how you feel about each other. But if you want to remind that special someone that you love them then you can do so with a clear and sparkling gift to make your feelings transparent! Crystal glassware, crystal jewellery, crystal ornaments… all are great gifts to clarify your emotions.

20: China

Typically, twenty years wed consists of giving your partner a gift of china – a reliable, robust material that still needs love and attention to keep it from falling apart. For this occasion, you might like to buy bone china mug sets, fine china dinner sets or pretty porcelain containers.

Alternatively, sometimes it’s time to bite the bullet and get those house renovations done. Therefore, you might like to tie in your new porcelain bathroom set with your twenty year anniversary and call it a present to each other!

25: Silver

Fine silver jewellery is a great option for your twenty-fifth year with your soul mate, but to make it one of a kind you can look into having it engraved with a meaningful message.

The idea behind the silver theme is its brilliance so other brilliant ideas are dining silverware or glasses, candle sticks and sterling silver key-rings.

30: Pearl

Thirty years together is something special, so the gift of a precious stone like pearl is only fitting as a tradition. But you are not limited to pearl earrings, rings or pendants, you can also find lots of items with links to mother of pearl. For instance, pearlescent dishes, pens and cufflinks as well as watches with pearl faces for those with a bigger budget.

40: Ruby

With forty years of marriage to boast of, you might be beginning to run out of ideas for gifts. Fret not, because with the number forty comes the tradition of ruby. Whether you choose to take this literally and opt for the precious stone or something that is ruby red in colour, there are so many ways to express your love.

They say life begins at forty, so your love might be feeling particularly renewed at this point in your lives!

50: Gold

Sharing five decades of your life with your best friend is truly wonderful, so a beautiful and valuable metal to mark your golden anniversary seems only right. It might be time to have your wedding bands altered or even purchase new eternity rings to mark this huge milestone in your marriage. Or you may want to celebrate on as many golden beaches as you can, by embarking on a once in a lifetime cruise!

60: Diamond

And, in a flash, sixty years fly by.

As much in love as you were on the day you gave/received a diamond ring and a promise, it is surely time to acknowledge this substantial anniversary with the most precious stone there is – a diamond.

Having spent most of your lives together, you already know how enduring a diamond, and your love, are. And while diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, there are no limitations on who can enjoy this stone.

With plenty of suitable gifts for him and her available, you are sure to nail your anniversary present this year, as you clearly have done for the last fifty-nine!