May you and your guests fall in love with the style and taste of your wedding cake! To ensure that picking your cake design is as smooth as can be, here are our top wedding cake ‘do’s & don’ts’, that you should consider following…

Selecting your wedding cake

Granted you have a lot on your plate already, but don’t let details like the wedding cake catch you out. The wedding cake is a tradition that goes back to Roman times and shouldn’t be a last-minute rash decision – or worse – an afterthought!

In fact, there are so many things to think about when it comes to the symbolic wedding cake that we’ve put together a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ to guide you through the process of selecting one.

First though, have you ever thought to consider the life of a wedding cake?

The wedding cake: a timeline

From concept to consumption, we tell you the story of the wedding cake in timeline form.

9-6 months before your wedding day: Enquire with cake makers, do tastings, exchange initial design ideas and receive an estimate before booking.

6-4 months before your wedding day: Details finalised including design details and the use of any live flowers (which will need to be arranged with florist). If a deposit hasn’t yet been paid, one will be required now to retain your booking.

3-2 months before your wedding: Order any cake toppers that are to be provided by yourselves. Remember to reserve a cake stand from your venue or add this to your order with the baker.

3-2 weeks before your wedding day: Confirm all details with your cake maker (date, time of wedding, location, etc…) and finalise delivery. Your cake will soon take shape!

Your wedding day: The cake is delivered! During the Reception, newlyweds traditionally cut the cake in front of their loved ones (starting with the bottom tier) and then the guests can enjoy this sweet treat.

The day after the wedding: One last tradition is to keep the top tier of your wedding intact, freeze it in an airtight container as soon as possible, then defrost it on your first wedding anniversary.

Wedding cake do’s

When it comes to your wedding cake, DO

Have a wedding cake budget (and more for extra details!): The average cost of a wedding cake is £300 when ordering through a baker, but of course this price will fluctuate depending on the size, filling and other details. Always keep in consideration any extras such as flowers for the cake, ribbons or cake toppers which can add to the price of your cake too.

Your research: Have an idea of what you want your cake to look and taste like in advance.

Have a wedding cake tasting session: Not only is it important to like your cake – but it’s also one of the perks of wedding planning!

Book your baker early: There’s no limit to how far in advance you can book your cake – the earlier the better!

Match the cake height with the number of your guest/height of space: According to the professionals, a standard 3-tier cake will feed 50-100 guests.

Have a delivery plan: Most cakes require fridges if being delivered ahead of the Reception, plus time for assembly, and delivery may also need to be coordinated with other vendors such florists if flowers are being used as decorations.

Schedule cutting the cake during your wedding reception: Traditionally, this symbolic moment is captured by a photographer.

Wedding cake don’ts

And, of course, DON’T

Choose your cake style until you’ve finalised your wedding style/decorations: Take inspiration when visiting your baker and by looking at other wedding cakes but be sure to keep in mind your evolving wedding plans.

Try to please everyone: Pick a cake YOU like, so go with your favourite flavour, cake type, style etc…

Forget to inform your baker of allergens or intolerances: This is very important if you want all your guests to enjoy a piece of cake without anyone falling ill.

Forget to consider the weather: Think about what types don’t work well in hot weather (chocolate and frosting, for example, may not survive the heat of a summer Reception!).

Forget to top it off: You can opt for figurines, flowers, ribbons or more, which you’ll normally tie in with your wedding décor.

Forget to eat your wedding cake: You’d be surprised how many brides and grooms don’t ever get a taste of their own wedding cake! Be sure to enjoy your wedding cake, if not on the night then in the day (or year if following the tradition mentioned above!) that follows. But if eating one-year-old cake doesn’t appeal to you, then why not ask your baker to recreate the flavours and style of your wedding cake on your first anniversary?