Can’t decide what entertainment to have at your wedding? Here is our ultimate guide with some ideas to get you thinking…

Sometimes it’s your choice of entertainment that makes your wedding stand out. Should you have a DJ, live band, group of musicians, or perhaps something even more adventurous? In this blog, we will consider some of the different entertainment options out there, some of which you might never have thought possible!

When is the entertainment slot?

When it comes to entertaining your guests, you usually have a few opportunities throughout the day – whilst they arrive at the venue, when you are whisked off to be photographed, and again during your wedding breakfast. However, there is no better time to get your guests really revved up than the evening reception when just about everyone is ready to let loose.

Did somebody say: “It’s party time!”?

Whether conventional or not, there is an expectation that there will be some form of entertainment after the nuptials and, to be completely honest with you, your guests won’t care the slightest bit if this means dancing to a playlist from your phone! As long as they get the chance to dance and be merry with their most favourite people, your budget is irrelevant.

Saying that, because most people’s expectations are set on the traditional yet ever popular DJ set up, you have the power to shake things up with something completely unexpected. So, what could you do to make sure your wedding breaks the mould? Let us enlighten you…

Musical Entertainment Options

Live bands & musicians

Ever wished you could go back to your youth and see your favourite band play one more time? Then why not travel back a decade or two and take your guests with you! With tribute bands covering all genres, you can find a group to sing the soundtrack of your childhood (which is sure to please your mum and dad!) right the way through to your first years together, helping you to reminisce on the start of your relationship.

But you don’t have to choose vocalists to make a splash at your wedding. Why not consider a group of musicians like percussionists who can turn your wedding reception into a bongo drum party? Think the Blue Man Group, but with less paint! Musicians that integrate into the crowd – possibly alongside a DJ – really help to bring the party vibe and get everyone joining in.

If you’d rather make your own music, then you could arrange for guests to take part in an almighty karaoke-athon!

Get some props, wigs and blow up instruments at the ready and don’t forget to hire a videographer to capture everyone in their full glory.

One day your kids will love to see Nanny and Grandad duetting on stage to some classic (aka “ancient”) bangers!

Magical Entertainment Options

Magicians and spirituals

Magicians are fantastic entertainers, interacting with the crowd and offering them memories that will last a lifetime. The perfect choice for adults and children alike, you can hire a magician who caters for both or who specialises in a more mature audience (possibly incorporating a bit of comedy too).

Along those lines, you may also think it fun to have spiritualists come along to engage with your guests, reading palms and fortunes! This kind of quirky entertainment is great for those wanting a mystical wedding and for the entertainment to be in keeping with this theme.

Circus Acts

If only the wow factor will do, then a circus act has got to be one of your best bets to get people’s jaws dropping around the reception room. Think of the charming Greatest Showman acts and how you could incorporate some intrigue into your own wedding show. You might have acrobats, fire eaters or, if your venue can accommodate it, aerial performers dazzling the crowd from up above.

The sky is your limit for this one.

Alternative Entertainment Options

Fire shows

Professional fire performers ought to impress your guests with mesmerising fire juggling and dancing. They are sure to turn up the heat!

Since fire performers will likely have to take their show outside for health and safety reasons, this act may be best suited to a summer’s wedding where the entertainment can take place in the open.

Retro arcade

It’s easy to forget that entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be person-led, you can just as easily keep your guests happy for the night by putting some arcade games in front of them. A little competition can get everyone in the mood for some fun, not to mention feeling like they’re on Brighton pier on a Saturday evening!