If you’re getting married soon and want a little something different, your entertainment is one place you can get it. If you’re not really inspired by the typical wedding DJ, we have collected a range of novel entertainment ideas that offer a range of options on your day.

Some will be outdoor entertainments and suitable only for summer. Others will be indoor or a mixture and can be used at any time of year. So no matter where or when you’re getting married, there is surely an entertainment here for you!

Outdoor entertainments

We have a number of wedding entertainment options for spring, summer or autumn weddings if the great British weather cooperates. Each offers a little something different but is sure to entertain your guests.

Village fete

With the rise and rise of vintage, Bo-ho and retro wedding themes, a wedding fete is bang on trend. Consider outdoor stalls or marquee with bunting and flowers, a PA, cake stall, food and games. It’s not only something of an event in itself, there are options for all the family.


There are lots of outdoor games that don’t involve grass stains, mud and kids getting filthy. Why not try giant chess, Jenga, skittles, snakes and ladders, inflatable sumo wrestling or something like that? They are clean, safe and will keep guests of all ages occupied for a while.

You could continue the fete theme here too with a coconut shy, hook the duck or other fairground style games.

Art attack

If you have a lot of children at your wedding, why not consider face painting? Hire a professional and the makeup will only appear on the face, not the clothes!

If face painting doesn’t appeal, how about a cartoonist or caricaturist? Not only can they be fun to watch, your guests also get an original piece of art to take home with them. The 5-minute caricatures are ideal for wedding entertainment.


Celebrity lookalikes can make a great conversation piece and someone new for guests to talk to. Having a David Beckham lookalike or a Tom Jones singalike can really make an impact on your wedding day.

Not only will it make your guests stop and stare, they could have pictures taken with the lookalike and spend time chatting to them too.


If you receive engagement presents, don’t forget to send a thank you card. Keep a record of who attended and who didn’t so you can check it several months down the line when creating your wedding guest list. Also consider all the lessons learned about planning the event for your wedding too!

Finally, remember that a party is a time for having fun and enjoying yourself. Try not to get too tied up in the details or stressed out with the planning. It’s supposed to be a celebration!

Indoor Entertainments

There are lots of wedding entertainment options for the indoors too, making them ideal for weddings all year round. Here are just some of our favourites.

Piano and cocktails

A pianist playing swing while cocktails are served is a sophisticated twist on wedding entertainment. It should entertain guests of all ages as long as there are special non-alcoholic cocktails for the kids!

String quartet

A string quartet is another classy addition to your wedding reception that can entertain. They can either play low key in the background and/or be the main event. They can play your choice of classics, or more contemporary tunes. It’s entirely up to you.

Singing staff

Having waiting or bar staff spontaneously burst into song is a fantastic surprise that is sure to engage your whole family. It’s possible to supplement your venue’s staff with performers that can bring the house down!


Magic, when done well can hold an audience’s attention for hours. A good magician could be the main entertainment, a sideshow or just for the kids. It’s a great way to entertain, enchant and surprise your guests on your wedding day.

Casino royale

A play casino is a great way to keep the laughs flowing long into the night. Roulette, blackjack or poker can all be played with fun chips and can include the kids too if you like. These games can bring out the competitive spirit in your guests as well as their sense of fun.


Hire a mixologist to put on a cocktail display you won’t forget. Juggling bottles, colourful cocktails and fantastic drinks at the end of it offers an adult-oriented entertainment that provides quite the spectacle.

Those are just some of many wedding entertainment ideas to provide inspiration for your big day. Wedding DJs can be great and we work with some of the best, but there is a lot more to a wedding reception than dancing around the floor with your dad!