Picking the right wedding transport is essential if you are going to have the perfect wedding day. But don’t think that it just has to be picking the right sort of luxury car, there are lots of other fun options you can consider too! We take a look at them below…


If you’re close to your wedding venue and you always like to opt for the most eco-friendly option than walking can be a great idea. It can be particularly nice for the bride to walk to the wedding venue with their father and bridesmaids, especially if it is a particularly scenic route. The downside is of course the British weather, so you do need to have a backup plan ready if the weather isn’t too good on your big day.


Like walking, biking to the venue is a very eco-friendly way of getting to the venue. However, like waking too, it’s at the mercy of the British weather so you need to have a backup plan ready. It should only really be considered if you have a suitable dress and of course if you are a confident cyclist.


Turning up on a classic bus can be a great way for the groom to turn up to the wedding. If the groom is particularly nervous about the wedding, why not come en masse with guests and his best man and ushers? It will look great on the big day!


If you are a country loving couple then why not ask a local farmer if you can borrow one of more tractors to ferry you to the wedding? It makes a great photo opportunity too and will really ensure that your big day is one that you, your partner and your guests will remember forever!

Horse and carriage

If you have always dreamed of being a princess on your wedding day then there’s only one choice for your wedding transport, a horse and carriage! They really are fun and look great but we recommend that you hire one with a hood just in case there is a bout of bad weather.


If you love TV programmes such as Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex and The Real Housewives of Cheshire, and you have a big budget then you might want to choose a helicopter to make you big entrance on your wedding day. Be aware though that helicopter cockpits can be quite small, so may not be too comfy if you have a particularly big wedding dress.

Whatever form of wedding transport you choose, make sure you do your homework and use and reputable provider. If you have a wedding coordinator, ask them their advice as they will have a list of known and reputable wedding service providers.