Transport for your wedding day is a big decision and one which requires some thought. Like every other aspect of planning you must make sure that you are only dealing with a reputable company to avoid thinking you are turning up in a Bentley but instead end up with a taxi.

Here are our 5 top tips to consider when booking your wedding transport.

Make sure your mode of transport matches the theme of your wedding.

Every wedding has some sort of theme and in order to keep that fluid the flowers to the transport must all be in keeping. A princess bride looking to live out her fairytale dream may want to consider a horse and carriage however weddings can range from classic where a vintage car may be more appropriate to a biker bash where a Harley Davidson may just be your style.

What distance will you be travelling?

No one wants to be stuck in a horse in carriage for a 100 mile round trip so think logically about where your method of transport will be picking you up from and the destination(s) it will be required to go to. Also double check for any big events that may be happening in the area that could cause gridlock so alternative routes can be planned in advance.

How many people will you be transporting?

Many couples who have weddings that are reasonably far away from their hometown are now choosing to arrange transport for their wedding guests. This ensures everyone gets to the wedding at the same time and also allows those that may like to partake in a few glasses of champagne to do so, if this is something you would like to do make sure that you view the coach and ask about décor options to make it fit with your theme. Others will choose to arrange transport for the immediate bridal party which is often done via multiple luxury cars or a bigger vehicle such as limo.

What time of year is it?

Weather is sometimes hard to predict however you should take into consideration the expected climate. Discuss with the company you plan to use what the different options are for the weather and what provisions they have in place to prevent you from getting soaked if you are hit with bad weather.

What will the driver be wearing?

Most couples do not think too much about the driver however he or she plays a lead role in your transport. They must make sure you get to the venue on time but are also in the front seat for guests to see – some even make it in to your wedding photographs.   Most drivers will dress in a suit however you can ask them to wear the same coloured buttonhole as your groomsmen and have any ribbon dressings on the car tailored to match.