A wedding should be a day to remember, for all the right reasons, and enjoyed with a couples loved ones. From school friends to cherished family members it is a time to bring people together to celebrate your nuptials. A wedding can also be filled with nerves therefore it is important that you choose your best man carefully. The title of best man should be given to your closest confidant, excusing your soon to be wife of course. This is not always a straight forward decision and one which can cause a little stress, so we hope our top tips help make it a little less worrisome.

Brother or friend? This can cause a tricky dilemma for many grooms. Whether your have multiple brothers to choose from or are trying to decide whether your life long friend or brother should be by your side on the big day. Firstly, consider how close you are to your brother and whether it is an honour they would take pleasure in. Some people find the thought of standing up and giving a speech in front of people very daunting however it is often made a lot easier if you have a particularly strong bond as the words and stories tend to roll off the tongue easier. In the event you are not close to your sibling then it may be an idea to speak to them before announcing your decision and asking them to be in your wedding party as an usher. The same applies for a best friend, if you would like your brother by your side in a best man capacity then be honest however relay how important they are and involve them by asking them to conduct other duties.

One is not always the magic number. Why have just one when you can be supported by as many people as you wish. Brother and best friend? No problem! This is your big day and you should have it exactly how you want it. Shared speeches can be very entertaining and both men will feel very flattered that you want them involved.

Consider your wife. The best man is largely there to support the groom however it is great if he also has a good rapport with your soon to be wife. Adding tales of the bride to their speech, sharing their appreciation of your choice and feeling happy with what may be said can be important to many men. Remember, happy wife happy life.

Who would be best at the role? A best man’s duties can be a little more than a bridesmaid. They are often required to stand up at the altar, welcome guests and give a speech which should be both funny and emotional. Many feel a bit of pressure therefore it is important to consider who would enjoy this responsibility and do the best job at mingling with your wedding guests.

Go with your gut instinct! This is your wedding and you must be happy with your choice, so we urge you to go with your first choice.