For a lot of brides-to-be, a micro wedding is a sacrifice. But while it may not be everything you dreamed of and more, we want to show you how you can get the very best out of your small wedding and actually make the event more about you!

A micro wedding, by definition, is a full wedding day but with a stripped back number of guests. Here at Parklands, we have been offering Micro Weddings to couples in our exclusive, Covid-secure, function rooms since June and are able to provide the perfect space for your intimate wedding.

You can find out more about what’s on offer in this small weddings package (which, as of 22ndSeptember, is limited to 15 people as per government guidelines) by contacting our sales team, but first, here’s what else you can get when you plan a micro wedding!

Get to plan with complete confidence

So the restrictions for the events and wedding industries may have come as a huge blow, but since it looks like these limitations will be in place for a while then why not set out to book your 2020 /2021 wedding as a micro celebration and embrace all the positives that come with it?

Of course, your friends and extended family will be sorely missed, but try to focus on the positives: you won’t feel like you’re being watched by hundreds of people as you exchange vows, you can spend more time with the special guests who are there and you can make the day entirely about you, instead of trying to please hundreds of attendees.

What’s more, if you set your sights on a micro wedding, then there is less of a chance of you being let down in the future if the guidelines don’t change in your favour. This will take so much of the stress out of planning your wedding and will allow you to enjoy the process of making choices as a couple.

And the day can still be as fabulous as ever!

Get the ‘wow’ factor

Flowers and wedding décor are such a huge part of the wedding, solidifying your theme and making your day unique. While you might think that a more intimate wedding calls for fewer displays, we say go all out if you want to and create the setting you always wanted!

Ordinarily, when planning a wedding, couples would have to hold back on certain aspects of their wedding to stay within budget, bearing in mind that there would often be hundreds of mouths to feed. But, since micro weddings are cheaper, you can give yourself more freedom to splash out on the visuals and really play with the venue.

For instance, if you want to create an atmospheric space for you and your family to dine in after your vows, then speak to your florist about creating showstopping floral arrangements that will cover the length of the table, not forgetting towering candelabras creating a romantic, candle-lit setting.

Moreover, you could go bigger and better with any other features like balloons, backdrops and more – a micro wedding can give you total freedom when it comes to creativity!

Hint: If your husband-to-be isn’t buying any of it, then send him over to our blog to see just how much of an impact flowers and features have on making the day look truly magical!

Get to spend quality time with your guests

Most pre-2020 married couples would agree that their wedding day went by in a blur, dictated by strict timings and feeling the need to circulate the room. A micro wedding, though it may seem like a compromise, is certain to give you a different wedding experience, which could in fact be a good thing.

With a smaller wedding, you can enjoy a relaxed day with more freedom for you and your guests.

Thanks to a much smaller guest list, you can take pleasure in every minute of the day without a care in the world. The whole purpose of a micro wedding is to allow you to focus on the priorities, which means that you can celebrate the love you have for each other in the presence of your nearest and dearest.

It sounds so good, you’ll be wishing you could do it all over again! Well, what’s stopping you?

Get to do it all over again

Seeing as you will probably be saving money by having a micro wedding, why not keep the rest of your original budget aside to book a huge celebration, incorporating all your friends and extended family, perhaps on your anniversary?

Feel free to speak to us about reserving one of our fabulous function rooms for your exclusive use on a later date. We can’t wait to host your special day!

For more information on how Quendon Hall can help during the current COVID-19 crisis, visit our safe and special weddings page.