A traditional white dress is not for everyone, it might not suit your personal style or taste, or you just might want to wear something away from the norm for your big day. Here, we have come up with a list of alternative wedding dress ideas, sure to get your creative juices flowing for choosing an alternative wedding dress.

Add a splash of colour with petticoats

If you want to put an alternative twist on the traditional wedding dress, but ultimately still want to wear a white dress, then having some bright coloured petticoats showing underneath the dress, be it a short or long one, is an interesting look. They can be anything from soft peach or dark red, perhaps to match your flowers, to a full rainbow of blue, green and orange!

Go for bold prints

Most wedding dresses are plain and demure, or if they do have a pattern it tends to be extremely subtle, or part of the lace. A wonderful alternative to this safe and subtle style is to go for big and bold patterns. This doesn’t have to be garish, and it can be in both a colour scheme and pattern of your choice; perhaps you will go for a vintage floral pattern, a polka-dot, or something much more extravagant such as a peacock feather design or similar.

Choose to wear a period dress

While a traditional wedding dress might be inspired by a period style dress, they are usually white or Ivory and quite conventional in terms of a wedding dress design. By choosing to wear a period dress such as a medieval dress of rich reds, greens and golds, or perhaps a pale blue regency style dress, you can dress elegantly while wearing something completely different to the wedding dress norm. Or you can go a bit more up to date with a 1960s mod style shift dress, or a 1970s flowing maxi.

Accessorise with funky shoes and hair

You can always style an elegant dress to suit your own quirky style with accessories. For example; a knee length prom style dress, teamed with chunky boots, or quirky and fun tights and shoes. Or perhaps you have your hair dyed an unusual colour and you want to make a feature out of that with an extravagant hair style. Chunky jewellery, unusual sashes and shawls, or even flamboyant hats, and all ways to accessorise a wedding dress for a more alternative style.

Go your own way

If you have a distinct style, perhaps you identify with being a Goth, Hippie, Surfer or a Fifties throwback, then stick with it. Your wedding attire should reflect who you really are and what your personal style is, so make sure you keep the elements that make you feel comfortable, and if that means getting married head to toe in black, or with sand between your toes, so be it.

Ditch the dress

Lastly, why not ditch the idea of wearing a dress altogether? If you want to wear white, why not a stylish white jumpsuit or trouser suit? Or move away from white altogether and just buy whatever you like; a smart suit, a casual culotte and blouse outfit, a beautiful long coat (great for outdoor winter weddings), or even a uniform if you happen to be in the forces of any kind.

It’s your wedding….so do it your way!